2016 – 1.


I woke up under the bed. The last memory I had was a bright white flash as I got up to look out of the window.

I had no idea why I was under the bed. As I crawled out the silence hit me. There was sunlight streaming through the windows and it hurt my eyes. Why was it so quiet? I leaned my hand against the wall as I stood up, my bones aching. My ribs ached most of all from lying on my front. I took a deep breath as I looked around my bedroom. I was alone.

Again the heaviness of the silence weighed down on me. There were 6 adults and 3 children in the house. Someone was always making a noise. It felt wrong. I quickly looked out of the window, all of our vehicles were there but there were no signs of anybody in the yard. I walked out of the bedroom onto the landing. The girls bedroom door was ajar and I pushed it open gently. The old hinges creaked as it opened and I looked inside. Empty.

I tried each room in the house in turn. Messy beds, clothes on the floor, no people. Downstairs there was no sign of anybody. I walked into the kitchen and put my hand over the stove. Cold. As I looked around I saw shards of wood sticking out from the door frame. The door had been forced open from outside. Panic rose in me, I could feel my heart beating fast. I ran outside into the yard, bare footed in the January cold. There were tyre marks in the remains of the snow and many footprints. i bent down to look at them, oblivious to the cold. Too many to distinguish any individual prints.

I went back inside the house, confused, scared. I sat at the kitchen table and wondered what to do. After a couple of minutes I realised how cold I was. I needed to get dressed. As I went back upstairs I started making a plan. Get dressed, get field glasses, get into the attic and look out of the skylight for any signs of my family. As I dressed in combats, hiking boots and a cotton top covered by a thick fleece hoodie I decided to grab my bug out bag.

For years I’d obsessed about an apocalypse, I didn’t care that I sounded crazy. When the unthinkable happened, me and my family survived, not only survived but prospered. To this day I always have a bug out bag ready with a 3 day supply of essentials. Everyone in the house has one, even the kids. As I finished lacing up my boots I checked Rob’s side of the bed. His bag was still there. I ran into the girls room, their bags remained aswell. Something was not right.

As I climbed up to the attic I heard engines rumbling in the distance. Part of me wanted to run out into the yard to bollock my family for scaring me, part of me knew they’d never up and leave without letting me know. I went into the attic and closed the hatch after me. I went to the skylight which was blocked by a heavy curtain. I carefully pulled the curtain aside to see outside. Through my field glasses I could see a pair of quad bikes coming down the lane outside our farm. I tried to see the riders but they were obscured by the hedges and moving too fast for me to keep track of them.

The quads stopped outside the gates of the farm and one of the riders pointed to the house. They were both wearing black motorbike leathers and black helmets. The second rider nodded to the first then reached behind him into a bag and pulled out some tubes. I didn’t want to risk a reflection from the lenses of the field glasses so I let them dangle around my neck as I watched the man doing something with the tubes. He looked over at the house and seemed to stare right at my window. I ducked down instinctively. Seconds later I heard the quad bikes firing up their engines and speeding back down the gravel drive. As I raised my head to follow their progress I heard a loud “whoomph” followed by another, then another. I looked frantically through the window as flames started licking around the downstairs windows. By now the quads were out of sight and it was time for me to move.

In my confusion I stumbled and fell before I reached the hatch, banging my head on a pile of books we’d stored there from the previous owners. I opened the hatch and could straight away feel the smoke in my throat. I pulled my hoodie up over my face as I climbed down onto the landing, pulling my rucksack behind me. I ran down the stairs and found the living room completely engulfed with flames. The kitchen was impassable. I considered for a second trying to extinguish the fire but it was already out of control. Whatever they’d thrown at the house it had done it’s job. I needed to get out but I’d be left in the clothes I stood in. I went back to my bedroom and pulled a bigger rucksack out of the wardrobe. I stuffed a handful of underwear and socks into it along with a couple more pairs of combats and some shirts and a clean hoodie. I had a spare first aid kit upstairs in the bathroom so I ran in and grabbed it along with some soap. I bounced the bag in my hands to gauge the weight then ran back into the bedroom. I desperately pulled the mattress away from the bedframe and retrieved my favourite machete. As a last minute thought I grabbed the sleeping bag from the wardrobe and slipped it under the top of the rucksack…

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2 Responses to “2016 – 1.”

  1. omg thats exactly how i imagined the farm to be! Now I can’t wait to see what happens next..as usual! 😀

  2. The first 6 chapters are up on the new site 🙂

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