Diary: 2015 The end.

31st December 2015

9pm We’ve been living at Hiraeth farm for 11 months. In that time we’ve been through the entire circle of life.

We lost family and friends in numbers un-countable. We’ll never forget them. We still think of James and how he helped to keep us all safe and gave his own life to save ours.

We gained a beautiful new member of the family. At the end of October Ali gave birth to a stunning little girl. They called her Abby and Brett is quite possibly the proudest dad I’ve ever seen. We also gained Steve, Mike’s brother who is maybe the funniest man alive. Thank goodness the electric is back because he makes me pee my pants every day and I’d really miss the washing machine. To think, the people I call family now, I’d never met at this time last year.

We lost our homes, jobs, way of life but have found new better ways. We spent most of the late summer trying to restore the farm to its former state. We finally took down the barricades just before Abby was born. We have flowers in the garden and have removed most of the many vehicles we’d collected as a defence. Mike and Steve insisted on keeping some to play with and they spend hours together fixing cars and vans and working on various projects that involve black hand prints on my clean walls. Brett has become a fine farmer but still has many years of learning ahead of him. Most nights you’ll find him sitting in the armchair holding baby Abby and reading the almanac with a little notebook at his side. Ali has taken over the schooling of the girls while I help with jobs around the farm so she can be with the baby. Carys and Seren love their new baby “cousin”. Rob is becoming a dab hand at digging trenches and clearing trees and other stationary objects. My main job these days is keeping us in fresh meat. I got sick of shooting rabbits so now we’ve made a large enclosure and are filling it with rabbits as we can catch them. catching a live wild rabbit is not that easy. We love our new lives.

We visited our families last month. We wanted to see them before the winter set in. The trip to Devon was uneventful and easier than expected. The main roads have been cleared but there are still many cars at the side of the road. Siphoning fuel was no problem. We have to be more careful with acquiring things these days as there is a new fledgling police force on patrol but we very rarely see anybody.

The one massive thing which has changed is that the internet is back on. We managed quite easily to “find” the bits needed to get ourselves online and from last week we were able to communicate with our families. Oh how we’d missed Skype! We’ve been needing to spend less time outdoors lately due to the weather being rubbish and not many crops need tending right now so we’ve spent our time indoors and online, trying to find out as much as we can about what has been going on in the world over the last year. Not much has changed. obviously the biggest news story in the world has been a zombie virus wiping out the UK.

There are reports of the people responsible being prosecuted by some world court or other, yet more reports of similar experiments being done in other countries. I wonder how long before it happens again?

Every UK citizen is in official quarantine for 5 years. I suppose nobody wants to risk infection coming to their country. That’s fine by us, we’re going nowhere.

We had a little trouble soon after we got back, a group of young men with rifles came looking for something to loot. We soon got rid of them. Nothing much fazes us anymore. We’ve been through so much together, if you can survive zombies I guess the rest of the world looks a bit less scary in comparison.

We had a lovely Christmas. Presents were a bit thin on the ground but nobody complained. The girls didn’t even ask for toys like usual which is lucky as there are no toy shops anymore. We did make a trip into Chester to the retail park where we got my furniture. There’s a big Toys R Us where we’d been before and we got a few bits for the girls but not much. From somewhere Rob found me some books on dressmaking and a sewing machine. I got him a new shovel.

We still eat together every morning and evening, sometimes lunchtime too. In the evening we eat by candlelight. It reminds us how far we’ve come and how easily lost these luxuries are.

We’re happy. The infection was a terrible thing but it’s changed our world. The UN and the US government interfere, they send food parcels and every month or so a doctor and priest come knocking. We feed them and listen to whatever news they have and wave goodbye. The food parcels are useful.

This is the first New Years Eve in our new home and we’re excited to welcome 2016. There were times we never thought we’d see it. Steve found some fireworks from somewhere, it’s best not to ask where they came from. We’re counting down to lighting them and the girls are so excited! We’re setting them off at 10pm so the girls can go to bed then us adults are staying up to Skype Mum and Dad.

10.40pm The girls loved the fireworks even though only one pack worked! Steve was gutted but it was so funny. God they were noisy though! The girls just went to bed and we’re settling down now. A bottle of whiskey has appeared from the cellar and although I won’t be having any I’m happy to watch everyone else toast the new year. Let’s hope it’s quieter than 2015!

1st January 2016

I’m in the attic. I have chanced lighting a candle. Last night just after we went to bed I heard engines outside. I thought that maybe the fireworks had been mistaken for distress flares and provoked an army visit. As I got up to look out of the window I remember a white flash then nothing. I woke up under the bed this morning.

Everybody is gone.




8 Responses to “Diary: 2015 The end.”

  1. Everybody is gone.

    Like everyone!! or just everyone else?

  2. John you’ll have to find out.

    Malinari it’s the end of the diary but only the beginning of the story

  3. Loved the diary. When the story begins will you post here or elsewhere. If else where how to find it, and when will you start.

  4. OMG I am so glad to read the comments coz i just about had a heartattack thinking that this was the end of the story lol
    I would have personally flown to the UK to have a go at you! 😛
    Awesome story so far!!! OMG I can’t wait to see what happened!

  5. Awesome entry. Glad to see you are posting again. I know I ended my sentence with a preposition.

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