Diary: 2015 June PART 1.

20th June 2015

11.30pm Oh wow I haven’t written in ages! This is mainly because there’s been nothing to write about really. On 12th March Ali arrived back here at the farm, she fitted in straight away and over the last few months her and Brett have become an item which we’re all really happy about. We were a little worried that Mike would feel left out with two couples in the house but he really doesn’t seem to mind.

When she came back there was some talk over the following days about going after the guys who’d been holding her and Becci. Me and Ali talked the men out of it. If they went and got hurt or killed we’d have been left on our own and we couldn’t cope by ourselves with the 2 girls. Reluctantly we reached an agreement of live and let live, if they ever come to us I know Rob, Mike and especially Brett would love to show them the error of their ways.

Anyway the last 3 months have been pretty mundane. Get up, make breakfast, sort the animals, school the girls, make lunch, school the girls, help with farming/jobs around the yard, make tea, chat and bed. Every day. We rarely see any zombies now, I think the last one was about 2 weeks ago and it was a dragger, head, arms and half a chest, dragging itself down the road. We still find their bodies, in various states of decomposition. We have seen the odd signs of other survivors but not much and to be honest we haven’t been looking.

Until today.

Actually that’s not strictly true.

I told Rob a couple of days ago that while I was in the outhouse teaching the girls some maths, I swore I could hear a motor, not a car or van or tractor, I know what they sound like, it was an aircraft. He didn’t disbelieve me, but he didn’t believe me either. He thought I was probably mistaken. I didn’t tell anyone else.

Today I heard it again but louder so I went outside to look and bugger me if there wasn’t a helicopter. It was far away, I could barely see it but it was there. I got my emergency whistle and blew until I nearly passed out. I was excited and scared all at the same time. Within a few minutes everyone was with me in the yard looking for the emergency. By now the chopper was well out of sight but nobody doubted me that I’d seen it. We spent the rest of the afternoon sitting in the yard looking at the sky, discussing why there might be a helicopter flying around.

At approximately 5pm it came back, going in the opposite direction. I could have popped with excitement at being vindicated. We all stood, watching it fly across the clear blue sky.

So now we have a mystery. Who is flying that chopper and why? Are they here to rescue us? Is it a survivor who happens to know how to fly a chopper? Does it mean that the infection didn’t spread past the UK? So many questions.

21st June

10am The girls are doing some drawing and I sneaked my diary into the school room. I’m glad I did. I heard a helicopter again a few minutes ago but it was gone before I could see it. It was definitely closer than yesterday. It’s a lovely sunny day today so I think I’m going to move the girls outside into the yard for their lessons this afternoon, I can keep an eye on the sky then.

1pm The chopper went past again just now. Closer again, close enough to see it. It looks like one of the police helicopters we’d see flying past occasionally before all of this. It was flying quite low and it seemed to be searching for something (someone?).

11.15pm After tea today we discussed the matter of these helicopters. Mike and Brett and Ali are determined that they are proof that the worst is over and the military (or another countries military) are searching for survivors. They think we should try to signal them tomorrow. I’m not so sure.

22nd June

7am The electric came back on for a few minutes this morning. We were all sat at the table having breakfast when the radio came on, just static. We nearly jumped out of our skins! We went around the house flicking all the switches to the “off” position. If the electric came on while we were outside and a fuse blew our house could well burn down along with all our stores and supplies. Not a chance we want to take. It just proves that there are organised people around here. We think perhaps they are in Anglesey, there is RAF Valley there and the Wylfa power station. If you were going to try to re-instate a population then surely getting the power back on would be a high priority. I think this could be a good sign.

12pm I’m waiting for lunch to cook. The girls are playing with Ali in the yard. She’s not feeling too good today apparently, so she’s having a house day. I think maybe it’s an excuse to be close to home in case anything happens. She seems fine now anyway. The helicopter was buzzing about again and I’m sure I could hear vehicles about an hour ago, I ran outside but I couldn’t see anything.

3pm It’s such a beautiful day that the men have decided to have a barbecue and stop work early. Our farming has come on better than we ever expected and in the next few days I’m going to have to take a day off schooling to make some preserves. We could have done with some neighbours for swapping veg. I think the barbecue is partly inspired by the slaughter of a piglet yesterday and the arrival of helicopters and electricity. I wonder if the electric will come back on again.

23rd June

8am The electric came on again this morning at 6.30am. It’s still on now. I boiled a kettle for the first time in 5 months. The radio is only picking up static but if you listen carefully to the AM channels you can hear faint voices, I can anyway. The TV is broadcasting nothing which isn’t surprising but we’re going to keep checking it. I’ve opened the taps in the kitchen to see if we get our running water back.

9am Helicopters! Three of them came over us, really low. We went out into the yard to watch them when we heard them coming and we could almost make out the people inside. I felt a little exposed, we have no real idea who it is flying around. I’m going to have to assume they’re friendly, they’ve got our power back on if nothing else. I’m expecting a visit soon because they definitely saw us. Carys and Seren were waving to the choppers.

1pm Well I didn’t expect a visit so soon! A truck pulled up at the farm around midday. I was in the kitchen with Ali and the girls, the men were in the yard. In the truck was a motley crew if I ever saw one. At first we thought it was a group of survivors, come to trade supplies. Their leader came to the gate and shouted something I didn’t quite catch, his accent sounded foreign.

Mike went to the gate and they exchanged a few words, then the stranger turned around and gave a signal to the others in the truck to come over. There were 5 of them, 4 men and a woman. They introduced themselves as members of a survivalist group set up before any of this happened for this exact scenario. I’d been a part of a similar group and was quite relieved to see them. They’d been brought in by the remains of the UK’s government as advisors, mainly to help find survivors. They told us there was a large military presence at RAF Valley like we thought and they were trying to get the country back on its feet. We invited them in. I’m extending our lunch to share with them now, after we’ve eaten they’re going to fill us in on the details.

11.40pm Our visitors left us about half an hour ago. We offered to let them stay but they wanted to get back to base. So far we’ve learned:

The initial infection was man-made, biological warfare research was leaked and the protesters were trying to shut down the factories.

The infection spreads through bodily fluids and makes the infected person aggressive and basically makes them an animal.

The infected are not dead but they are running on extremely low resources which is why they don’t appear to breathe or bleed. Their heart is pumping but very weakly. The research was trying to find ways of surviving in hostile environments which explains this part of it. The extreme aggression and blood-thirst was an unwanted side-effect.

The people evacuated are mostly still alive. Some army camps were breached which we knew. There is currently a mission to re-unite families. Hopefully we may still find our loved ones.

The infection burns itself out in around 4 months. The host body can’t sustain life with such limited resources for longer than that, the damage to tissues is just too great, this must be why we haven’t seen many lately.

The infection managed to get to France and Norway. Because they had advance warning (even a couple of hours helps) they were able to contain it. They only had to face a few people coming off planes and ferries, we had 10 huge simultaneous explosions of infection scattered around the country. The rest of the world is unaffected, so far.

There are teams of mercenaries travelling around to kill-off the remaining zombies. All of the initial infected should be dead now but any newly infected will still be wandering around. There are teams of technicians putting the infrastructure of the country back together so that people can go home. There are clean-up crews on the way to remove and dispose of bodies. The helicopters are searching for people and infected and sending help or soldiers.

Our visitors were a mixture of Australian and American, I wasn’t surprised to hear there were a large amount of US troops over here now. The leader was a big Aussie called John, he’d been predicting this would happen sometime and had jumped at the chance to come over and see it first hand. The woman with them was Aussie too, she was pretty quiet and didn’t say much but I got the feeling I wouldn’t want to mess with her. The guy who did most of the talking was American, they called him Tookes but I think it’s a nickname. He’d been writing a series of books about zombies and ran the website they’d all met on. They all knew each other prior to this. The other 2 men were american too but they stayed in the background and I never caught their names.

They’ve given us a radio to contact them, we’ve offered them a place to stay and food to eat whenever they need it and kindly refused their offer to go to one of the evacuation camps. We’re doing just fine here.

I need to sleep now. It’s been a tiring day.


11 Responses to “Diary: 2015 June PART 1.”

  1. Finally you are back!!!!!

  2. G’day. šŸ˜€

    And yay for update!

  3. The long awaited update and Tookes A team? Niiiice! šŸ˜€

  4. I don’t get the cross over with Whatzombiesfear?? theirs is an Alien infestation??! am I missing something??

    • It’s not so much a crossover as a friendly nod. All my characters are based on real people (however loosely) and the new characters are based on the “real” people behind the WZF characters if that makes sense. If this situation ever arose, these are the people I’d like to have around. There will be no reference to any of the WZF storyline, in my story these are the “normal people” behind the characters. I was briefly (with a slight name change) featured in WZF so I’ve returned the favour šŸ™‚

      • Ooh i getcha….nice to read about a zombie outbreak in my neighbourhood. if you guys happen across Liverpool ill be in my attic with a stash of tin food waiting to be rescued.

      • If (when?) the zombies come I’m heading to Llyn Aled! All who are able to join us will be welcomed.

  5. Still awaits patiently for the next update. *tap tap tap* *dies inside*

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