Diary: 2015 March PART 7.

10th March

7am No zombies came last night. I talked to Rob in bed about us moving on. He was supportive as always but does think we should stay, we’ve got a pretty secure and secluded base, fresh water, farmland and animals here. We’d have trouble finding anything better. I had to agree. I’m going to call them down for breakfast soon. Brett had last watch so I told him to go to bed when I came down at 5.30am. Mike wants to do some more planting and prepare some veg beds today so we’re all going to help to get it done quicker. I reckon we’ll get it all done in 2 hours if we muck in. Once that’s done the men will take care of the animals while I give take the girls into the outbuilding we picked as a school room. We’re going to paint the walls white today and moved the school desks and chairs into place. We brought a big blackboard and chalks from the school raid so we’ll put that up on the wall and I think Mike is going to put some shelves up for me so I can store their school books. I’m not quite sure where to start at being a teacher. I had a thought last night, the guys who attacked us had obviously been the ones who took Mair and Johns bodies which explains how they left their boys heads on our step. I wonder if they took little Rhys too. I wish I knew what had happened to him. Well the eggs are probably about boiled now. I made bread last night and left it out to prove overnight and I can smell it in the oven now. Boiled eggs and soldiers for breakfast. Good times.

12pm I’ve popped inside to make us all a hot drink so I thought I’d write a bit while the big kettle boils. We got all the planting done and have prepped 2 big beds for the next few weeks of planting. Mike really seems to have taken to being a farmer. He was taking about making a trip to a farm supplier in the next few weeks to get bulk sacks of seeds. He wants to try growing wheat and corn in large amounts so we can store it for next winter. Thats fine by me. Brett is making a start on painting the walls in the school room while Rob cuts some planks to size for my shelves. We need to finish James’ fence too. It’ll be our way of honouring him I suppose. He’d talked about digging ditches and setting sharpened poles to stop intruders. I don’t know if we can manage that with just 4 adults left but we can try. We have the rest of our lives here by the looks of things. Kettle is boiled, I suppose I should get a move on.

6pm We got the school room painted and it dried really quickly with the fresh air. It’s been a lovely warm day today, really sunny for the time of year which has lifted our spirits no end. I’m still mad at Ash and Paul for running out on us but I’m calming down a bit, they must have had a good reason, I hope one day I get to find out what it is. They were the last of my family, I know I still have Rob and the girls and I’m incredibly lucky to have them but Ash was my last tie with the past. I’ve pretty much resigned myself to the fact that my family is gone now. I hope one day we’ll find them fit and well but it’s not likely. I want to go home and get all our photo albums and things. If we have to make this house our home I want it to feel a bit more like home. Right now I feel like a squatter.

9pm I told everyone that I wanted to go home and get our personal items. Mike and Brett understand and agree that it’s a nice idea but they suggested that rather than getting all our old things that maybe we could go looting for new stuff which we can all pick together. I like that idea. Tomorrow morning we’re going to make our riskiest journey yet. We’re going to our house to pick up photos then we’re going into Chester. We all know that as a source of the original outbreak it’s likely to be full of infected but it was locked down at the first sign of a threat and it’s also likely to be pretty empty. It’s a 50/50 chance, either we’ll come across a huge amount of zombies or very few. It’ll be an interesting experiment either way. Plus being locked down gives us a good chance of finding unlooted stores. I’m planning a trip to the retail park on the outskirts of the city. There are some big home and clothing stores there and also a row of car dealers, including a landrover dealer, plus there’s a big camping and outdoors superstore and some petrol stations. We’re not quite sure how to get the fuel out of the underground storage but Mike thinks he can find a way. We’re taking my landrover, Mike replaced the fuel pipes from one of the attackers vehicles. I’ll put the big horse box trailer on the back to fill. We’re hoping we can find a big delivery truck, ideally I want to get a new sofa. I’m so excited! Early to bed tonight.

11th March

5.30am Excited! I’m up, dressed, breakfast made and keeping warm in the oven, boots on and ready to go. I’m itching to get moving and have been pacing around the kitchen for the last half hour, adding things to our backpacks I’ve put together. I’m taking a shotgun and ammo each, packed lunches, first aid kit, spare fuel and a couple of empty jerries – all the rest are full.  I haven’t been making any effort to stay quiet but nobody will wake up! We didn’t bother with watches last night, instead we parked the many vehicles around the house as a barrier and figured we’d hear anyone coming over them. It’s just starting to get a little bit light. The birds are singing, they are so much louder now there is no other noise. I think I’m going to have to use some of our precious batteries and get the portable cd player out. The house needs music and I need to get everyone awake!

7am I’m not very popular this morning after waking the house with Michael Jackson’s Thriller album! They calmed down after seeing me and the girls dancing around the kitchen and singing along, although there was some talk of hiding the cd player in future. We’re leaving in a few minutes. Mike is giving the landy a quick check over and has it idling in the yard while he listens to the engine. We’re very lucky to have a mechanic with us but god he faffs. I think he’s doing it as revenge for waking him up so early. Brett is milking the cows before we go while Rob is chasing the girls around the yard to wear them out so they sleep on the way.

7pm What a fantastic day. We saw nobody on the journey to our house, not a soul. We saw evidence of other survivors, barricaded houses and freshly smouldering fires here and there but nothing much. It was strange to drive up my old street, it was exactly how we left it. We parked on the drive and went inside. I went straight to get the photo albums and came out, everyone else stayed in the landy. We left within 5 mins of arriving. While I was inside I left the radio transmitter that I’d been given at the army camp. I’m not really sure why I did it but I didn’t want it with us at the farm anymore.

We drove to Chester without seeing any signs of life. There had been a road block on Sealand Road last time we came down here nearly 2 months ago. The block was still there but nobody was manning it. We were able to push the barrier with the landy, just enough to fit through. Once past the block we got the smell. The smell of rotting bodies was thick around there and I hoped it was just the surrounding housing estate. We drove on, past the petrol station and the outdoors store and farm suppliers. As we approached the blocks of flats before the retail park the smell of death got stronger again. We turned the corner before the first of the car dealerships and saw a huge pile of bodies in the road. They’d been there for a good while by the state of them. We rolled up the windows and I crawled around the pile. There were army uniforms mixed in with the remains, I guessed the locals had tried to break through the road blocks. More bodies were scattered around the road and paths, all in pretty bad shape, most were little more than clothed skeletons, the wildlife had done a good job on them. We saw a fox running across the road ahead of us. We pulled into the retail park. The car parks were nearly empty, just the odd car here and there, some with flat tyres, others looked like they’d been parked there that morning. Our first stop was John Lewis. The big glass frontage was untouched. We went around the back of the building to the loading doors. Our first piece of good luck, a large lorry was parked at the loading doors, the shutters were down on the building but the lorry was open and empty. The driver was inside the cab, rotting nicely and trying to get out at us. Mike jumped out and opened the drivers door. the zombie fell out to the ground and struggled to get to his feet. Mike stamped on his skull 3 or 4 times until he lay still then dragged him by the ankle out of our way. The keys were in the ignition, Mike pulled his coat collar over his face to try to stop the awful smell and climbed in. The truck started on the second turn and Mike announced it was 3/4 full of diesel.

We opened the shutters with no problems and were faced by a small group of zombies, obviously staff who had been left behind. We dealt with them easily, they were slow and unsteady and the light blinded them for long enough for us to take them out before they saw us coming. Inside was dark and we flicked out torches on. Inside the loading area was piled high with boxes. I wasn’t going through all the boxes so we walked to the doors to the main store. Inside the main store was more light thanks to the large glass frontage. I picked out all new pans, plates, cutlery, all the things I’d seen and had never been able to afford. I looked for some trolleys to load up but was beaten to it by Brett who appeared through the stores door with a hand wheeled forklift thingie used for moving pallets. He’d put an empty pallet on it ready for me. Rob had found trolleys and followed me around, loading up the smaller items I wanted while Brett took care of the bigger things. When we got to the furniture I pointed out a couple of bits that I liked and made a note of the sofas we liked then went back to the storeroom to see if it was in stock. We couldn’t find the larger items of furniture in storage and figured they must have been delivery items from a larger unit somewhere so we went back for the display models. We took 2 sofas and a new armchair, new mattresses and bedframes and the entire selection of Le Crueset cookwares.

Our next stop was Dunhelm Mill across the carpark. We stocked up on bedlinen and towels, curtains, throw-overs and artificial flowers to brighten the place up a bit and some pretty bits and pieces. I grabbed a few various sized rugs on the way out. We drove the lorry back across the carpark to Next and broke through a section of the front window. Once inside we had to dispatch some ex-staff before we loaded up on some new clothes and shoes. I got every pair of knickers and underpants that would fit any of us, washing clothes in a bucket was not ideal and our smalls weren’t designed for it. Holey undercrackers is not nice, even post-apocalypse.

We moved the lorry over to Halfords and I waited inside this time while Mike and Rob went in to grab some tools and car parts. They came out with a trolley each full of parts then went back inside. They returned a few minutes later with a new bike each for the girls and went back to get a bike each for us too. The last thing they grabbed was a bike trailer each so we could carry stuff. The next stop was Toys R Us. Once we’d made sure there was nothing nasty inside we let the girls run wild and pick pretty much what they wanted. I got a whole trolley of books, pens, pencils, paints and science kits etc. Anything I thought might help with their schooling.

Once done Mike drove us in the lorry back to where we’d left the landy and I followed him as he drove to the big Homebase superstore. Me and the girls went to get some hanging baskets and veg seeds while the men loaded up with wood and nails and blokey things. The next stop was the outdoor store and farm store. We’d decided to leave the Landrover dealership as we had plenty of tools and parts and way too many vehicles already. As we pulled into the car park of the Great Outdoors store we could see someone had been here before us, the windows were broken and the farm shop was in the same state. We shone our torches inside and saw the shelves were empty so we got back in to our vehicles and came back to the farm. It took us hours to unload and put everything away. The house feels more like home now with our choice of furniture and curtains. I feel much happier. We have a bedroom each with brand new beds and mattresses and linen for tonight so I’ve been boiling water constantly for the last hour so we can all have a nice bath. We definitely are a good team. I feel much better for going shopping. I think we all needed to get away from this house.


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  1. Good choice with Le Crueset hehehe

  2. Don’t forget to spare a thought for Julius Caesar on the Ides of March as it’s approaching 🙂

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