Diary: 2015 March PART 8.

12th March

12pm I slept in this morning and didn’t have time to write like usual. It’s pouring down today.We got soaked sorting the animals and all came back in to get warm and dry. I took the girls into the school room this morning for a couple of hours and we did some maths and read a story. Because I am setting the curriculum we read some Shakespeare, A midsummer night’s dream and talked about the characters. After dinner we’re going to read some more, then draw pictures of the characters then Mike is coming to show the girls how to load a shotgun. Times have changed. I think tonight I’m going to write a schedule of lessons for the girls, my priorities are numeracy, literacy, science and useful skills like cooking, farming and mechanics along with basic weapons skills and bushcraft. Knowing world geography and history is not top of my list right now, I don’t see the use of it anymore, maybe that will change as we settle into our new life. I was always a big advocate of teaching children languages as early as possible but now things are different and I can’t decide if it’s worth my time. It makes me wonder if this outbreak has gone beyond the UK. If not then I’d have expected to see some signs of rescue by now. Anyway I need to check the food and stop dithering.

5pm Lessons over for the day. I’ve put the girls pictures up on the wall in the classroom and I’ve sent them back into the house. Brett is cooking tea tonight so I have some free time to do my lesson plans and to make some posters for the walls. I’m doing times tables posters, well, I’m meant to be. What I’m actually doing is writing in my diary. I guess this diary is my outlet, a place to think on paper. This afternoon I’m thinking about the world. I dreamed of taking my girls travelling, showing them the world and it’s cultures. There is no chance that is going to happen now and that makes me sad but I think there is lots to learn closer to home. There is a new world to discover and it doesn’t seem like there are many of us left to see it.

10pm We had such a laugh this evening. We told stories of the places we’ve visited and people we met, mainly the stupid ones. I didn’t know that Mike was originally from Scotland although he moved around lots as a child as his father was also a soldier. Brett was from London, you can still hear a little bit of it in his accent, he moved to Wales at 8 years old and was brought up not so far from where we lived. Mike was married a year before all this happened but he split with his wife within weeks of the wedding after he found out she’d cheated. He has no inclination to find out if she’s ok, quite the opposite in fact. Brett has never married but had a girlfriend. I don’t think it was all that serious really because he’s not too bothered about her either! Neither of them have kids (that they know about) and I’m glad. As much as they’d both make great dads it would be awful for them to be wondering if their kids were ok. I know it’d kill me if anything happened to the girls. We talked about our pets, old jobs, hobbies, all kinds of things.

When it was time to go to bed we all said what a nice evening we’d had. They both assured me that they won’t leave like Ash and Paul have. They are both disgusted by the way they’ve just walked out on us. They said we’re a family now and they won’t desert us. I suppose after years of camaraderie in the army they need company as much as we need the help. We are definitely a strong team, getting stronger by the day. Losing James has brought us all much closer. Ash and Paul leaving has made us more determined to stick together. All we have is trust and loyalty, if we don’t trust the person watching our backs we’re dead.


12th March

4am We had a hell of a shock earlier. We went to bed shortly after 10pm. We’ve stopped watch duties now the vehicles are parked around the perimeter, anyone coming over them will make enough noise to wake us. At 2am I was woken by Brett in his underpants, shaking my shoulder.

“Get up, Sian, Wake up! There’s a car coming, I can hear the engine”

I jumped out of bed, giving Rob a kick in the shin on the way out. He swore and rolled over so I left him there as I followed Brett into Mikes bedroom. Mike was already out of bed and pulling his trousers on when we burst in to look out of his window towards the road. I couldn’t hear anything at first but as we stood still I thought I caught the faint sound of an engine. “How the hell did you hear that?” I asked Brett. “I was having a smoke out of the window, couldn’t sleep.”

Within a couple of minutes we saw the faint shine of headlights in the distance. “Do you think it’s more of them loonies coming to shoot at us?” Mike whispered. “I have no idea but I reckon we get the guns out just in case” I said and walked out of the room to open the attic door and pull the ladder down. “Stand to, lazy arse” I called in to Rob “We’ve got company on the way” He rolled over to face me and rubbed his eyes. “Whaa? What’s going on?” “car coming down the main lane, about half a mile away. Get some clothes on and help me with these guns.”

By the time I’d got us a shotgun each and a handful of rounds for them all the car was crawling slowly along the lane a few hundred yards away from the entrance to our drive. It couldn’t have been going more than walking pace. As it got to our drive it stopped and we could see the driver shining a torch at the house. We ducked instinctively and waited until we heard the engine rev slightly before we looked again. The car had turned into our driveway and was slowly driving towards the house. “Time for the welcoming party” said Mike as he ran downstairs. “I’ll stay here and cover you”  Brett called after him. I followed Mike down into the kitchen and waited by the door as he stepped outside into the yard. I grabbed the big torch we keep down by the door and got ready to blind whoever was in the car. The car pulled up to the gate which was blocked by a big Toyota landcruiser left by the attackers. The engine switched off and I heard the door open. The interior light came on but I could only make out the shape of a person past the big 4×4 we’d parked there. “Halt” Mike said firmly, shouldering his weapon. The figure was silhouetted by the headlights of the car. “Who goes there?”

“It’s me, Alison. I didn’t know where else to go. They got Becci. Please don’t shoot”

I switched on my torch and shone it towards the figure although I recognised the voice immediately. Alison covered her eyes with her arm. “Ali are you hurt?” I called over. “No I’m ok”

I pointed the torch at her feet and nodded to Mike, he lowered his weapon as Ali came over the gate and into the yard. “come on inside” I said.

We got into the kitchen and were joined by Brett and Rob and a sleepy looking Carys. I lit some candles and put a heavy blanket over the kitchen window before setting the kettle to boil. One good thing about having a wood stove is that if you keep it stocked up well it never goes out. I put an extra few sticks on and sat down at the table while I waited for the kettle to boil.

Ali told us that her and Becci had made it to Betws Gwerfil Goch but the bushcraft guy wasn’t there so they’d holed up in his house. They were doing alright as he’d stocked up like I had but while out looking for supplies Becci had turned her ankle, a day or so later it was no better and they were going to come back here because they thought we might be able to help. On the way they were stopped by a group of men in a 4×4 who took them to a big house and fed them. They thought they were nice but soon realised they weren’t just being good citizens when they started talking about re-populating the world and other lovely things. As they tried to escape Becci was shot. Ali had kept on driving and they managed to hide that night but Becci had died the next morning. Ali had tried to get to us but when her van ran out of petrol she’d had to walk until she could find another car with fuel in. She’d been driving so slowly because she was running out of fuel and was scared of missing the farm in the dark. I asked her why she was travelling at night and she said the men had been looking for her in the daytime and had nearly caught her a couple of times so she’d decided to take her time with the zombies, at least she could out run them.

After a cup of tea Brett brought some blankets downstairs and offered Alison his bed for the rest of the night. He’s bedded down on the sofa. I can’t sleep now for all the excitement so I’m annoying Rob by having a candle burning in the bedroom while I write this to try to tire out my eyes. I’m sad about Becci but I’m really happy to have Ali back safe and sound.



7 Responses to “Diary: 2015 March PART 8.”

  1. I am not one to try and predict what comes next, but it seems they may have to go on the offense and take out a certain group of less than nice gentlemen.

  2. They are so lucky I am not in England…

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