Diary: 2015 March PART 5.

6th March

7am I had to stop writing last night, my head was pounding. I’ve got a beautiful bruise on my forehead and a big black eye this morning.

When I woke up I was on the kitchen floor surrounded by broken glass. I had no idea how I’d got there. Outside I could hear men shouting but I couldn’t make any sense of the voices. I tried to sit up and the room spun around. I lay back down and must have passed out again. I woke again to hear Rob calling my name and telling me to wake up. My vision was blurred and my head felt like it’d been crushed. Rob helped me to sit up and after a couple of minutes my vision cleared enough to see straight. I asked what had happened, he told me that James had sneaked out through the front door and over to the drive and driven a 4×4 at the group holding me. My memory started to clear and I remembered being shoved to the floor as the men scattered from the oncoming vehicle. Rob asked me if I could stand and I said I’d try. He helped me to my feet and told me they really needed my help. James hadn’t been able to brake in time after driving at the men and had crashed the 4×4 into the side of the house. At this point Brett and Mike had ran outside and tried to pick off the remaining men, Ashley and Paul had joined them soon afterwards. I asked if anyone was injured, Rob nodded and looked sad, he slowly led me into the living room.

James was lying on the sofa with a blanket covering him from his feet to his waist. He was bare-chested and Mike was holding a damp flannel to his head. Paul was sitting in the armchair with a sling on and Ashley fussing at him. I noticed the broken windows had been covered with thick wool blankets and bits of wood to try to keep the draughts out. “What time is it?” I asked quietly. Rob looked at his watch “10.20am” I’d been out cold for a fair while. Brett saw heard us talking and stood up from where he’d been sitting on the floor, reading a book. He nodded towards the dining room and we followed him in.

“Good to see you on your feet, how’s your head?” “Hurting” I replied “What’s the damage?”

“I’m no medic but I reckon James has a pretty nasty break to his right leg, Paul has a gunshot wound in his left shoulder but he hasn’t let anyone look at it yet. Ash has hurt his ankle, probably a sprain. I’m ok, Rob is ok and the girls are perfect and playing upstairs.”

“Can you bring my medical supplies please?” I asked and Brett nodded then went through the door into the kitchen to go down to the cellar. I walked back into the living room and went to James. I stroked his cheek and said “Hey there big guy, you ok?” His eyelids fluttered but I got no other response. “I’m gonna take a look at this leg, see if we can fix you up” I told him as I lifted the blanket. Brett had bandaged and splinted the leg as best he could but it was a mess and it was all I could do not to gag. As I gently peeled away the bloody bandages I could see the pinky white of the bone in a dark red jelly of congealing blood. His tibia was shattered, fragments of bone digging into his flesh where the bone had torn a path through. Even on the tv I’d never seen such a bad break. I guessed he’d had his foot on the brake pedal when he’d hit the wall. “Have you checked him over everywhere else?” I asked. Nobody answered so I guessed that was a no. I also guessed he hadn’t been wearing a seatbelt but I checked his left clavicle first just in case. No break. By now Brett had arrived with my big medical box and was leaving to fetch the smaller ones. I told Rob to get a bucket clean boiled water and some antibacterial handwash from the kitchen. He was straight back, apparently they’d boiled water while I was unconscious. I took off my shirt so I was just in a sleeveless vest and lathered myself up to the elbows. As I washed my hands I asked them to get my books and file and then to scrub up aswell. I put on a plastic apron and latex gloves and started to do a top to toe check on James. I couldn’t feel any obvious breaks or dislocations so I got my scissors out and started to cut away his trousers. “Brett take off your belt” Brett looked at me but did as I asked. “get ready to shove it in his mouth, this is going to hurt” Once the clothing was out of the way I got to work on properly removing the bandage around his leg. They’d done a good job and had strapped him up tightly enough to slow the bleeding but not so tight to stop blood flow to his foot. Once the bandage and splint was out of the way I took a handful of gauze pads and some steri-pods and started to carefully irrigate the wound. James groaned and tried to move. Rob held his shoulders and talked gently to him. There were little bits of bone all over but the wound was otherwise pretty clean. I took some tweezers and started to gently remove the shards of bone. I heard Carys and Seren coming downstairs. “Mummy you’re awake!” they shouted “ssshhh Mr James is poorly” I told them. Seren went over to Ashley and he gave her a big cuddle then said “come into the kitchen with Bumpy and we’ll try to find some cake”. Carys came around to my side of the sofa. “What you doing?” she asked. “James’ leg is badly broken baby, I’m trying to fix him if I can” “Can I help?” she said. “Maybe, go was your hands and put some gloves on. Put a bobble in your hair first” she trotted off and was back a couple of minutes later. She put on a plastic apron and settled next to me. Together we looked for little bits of bone. Carys passed me things and held the torch so we could see. Her young eyes saw tiny fragments I’d have missed. After about 30mins we were happy we’d got all of the bone. James had been writhing around for parts of our search but was now lying still again. I wished I had anaesthetic but I’d never have known what dose to use and would probably have killed him with it but it didn’t stop me feeling bad for inflicting this pain on him. I knew there was worse to come. By now we could see the jagged ends of the broken bone, he needed traction to straighten his leg but I don’t have the equipment to do it. Without attempting to set his leg he’d never walk again. Even if we managed to set it he’d always have a pretty bad limp, this is assuming he didn’t die of infection or blood loss or shock in the meantime. It was looking pretty bleak whatever I chose to do.

I poked Brett in the back with my elbow. “I need to straighten his leg, I’m not going to be strong enough by myself. With no anaesthetic the pain could kill him. If we don’t do this he’ll never walk again. Are you in?”

Brett looked at the belt in his hands and said “lets go have a smoke and decide how we do it. We only have one shot at this, he doesn’t deserve for us to cock it up” I nodded and covered the open wound with gauze then stood up and removed my gloves and apron. Carys said she’d stay with James and Rob said he would too. Me and Brett went into the kitchen and sat at the table. I could hear Ashley down in the cellar with Seren, probably raiding my sweetie supplies. I explained how the bone was lying and that we needed to pull his foot downwards by about 2cm to get it back straight, then we’d need to secure it there while it healed. He asked how quickly it needed to be done and I told him as soon as we could preferably. I explained that if the fracture wasn’t fixable it would leave us 2 options. Leave it be and let him drag it around for the rest of his life or kill him attempting to amputate. Brett looked me in the eye “honestly, what are his chances?” I thought about it for a minute before replying “Not good”.

I stood up from the table and looked out through an unbroken section of the kitchen window. Outside was carnage, they’d brought James and Paul in and killed whoever they could then left the bodies where they’d fallen. Brett had quietly gotten up from the table and made me jump as he stood behind me. “do we have 15 mins before we pull his leg?” he asked. “Yeah sure, I’ll take a look at Paul’s shoulder”

Brett went into the dining room and picked up the machete Ash had been using then went outside. I walked back into the living room as I saw him take the knife to the head of one of the dead attackers.

Paul had put his arm in a sling himself. He took it off so I could see. The gunshot wound was just a scrape on the bony part of his shoulder. It was slightly charred but nothing too serious, he’d been very lucky. I washed my hands and put my gloves on then cleaned and dressed his shoulder and put his sling back on him. I sat on the floor next to Carys, she was holding James’ hand. I told her that we were going to pull his leg so that his bone would be straight again. She seemed to understand and asked if she could help. I told her to go the cellar and get Bumpy and Seren and we’d all do it together. She ran out of the room, happy to have such an important job.

I leaned over James and said “J can you hear me? I need to try to fix your leg but it’s gonna hurt like a bitch. You scream all you like and I promise you if we can do it right it’s going to feel better straight away.” His eyes opened slightly. He looked at me and whispered “I’m gonna die” I stared at his deep brown eyes “maybe big fella but we got to try” He nodded and closed his eyes again then gave my hand a little squeeze.

15mins later Brett and Rob tried to pull his leg back into place while Ashley lay over him to keep him still. Paul held the leather belt between James teeth. Seren hid under the table, scared by James’ screams of pain. As the bone moved a fountain of blood shot up and stained the ceiling, covering us in a fine mist. I shoved gauze into the hole and told them to keep pulling. As the bones got into position I got Brett to tie his foot to the knob of a tallboy chest of drawers we’d placed at the side of the sofa. Brett and Rob started to re-attach the splint to his leg as I removed the gauze to try and see where the bleeding was coming from. As soon as the gauze was moved there was another pulsing jet of blood. “I can’t see where it’s coming from!” Carys shone the torch closer to the wound and said “I see it mummy”. Before I could do anything she’d pushed her little fingers into the wound and pinched off the vein that had been severed. James was trying to fight in agony but his movements were getting weaker. I reached into the medical box and pulled out some clampy scissor thingies I’d picked up on ebay. I never honestly thought I’d need this stuff but it looked good in the box and it’d been cheap. I clamped the vein just above where Carys was holding and told her to let go. It held and the bleeding slowed to a slow trickle. I stood up and pulled off my apron and gloves as I walked out, grabbing my book as I went. I opened the medical book on the kitchen table and flicked through the pages until I found what I wanted. Once they’d finished securing James leg, Rob and Brett joined me. I couldn’t stop the tears as I turned the book to show them the picture I was looking at.

“I think we just severed his anterior tibial artery.”

They looked at me with worried faces. “What does that mean?” Rob asked

“It supplies his foot with blood. I can’t fix it. I don’t have the equipment or skills. He’ll either bleed out on the sofa or his foot will die without the full blood supply and poison him. Either way we can’t save him now”


3 Responses to “Diary: 2015 March PART 5.”

  1. Ahhhhhh! That hurt to read……. I knew you were going to do something like this 🙂
    Not James 😦

    I hate you (in a nice way tee hee) for the nice writing 🙂

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