Diary: 2015 March PART 4.

5th March

5am We’re sitting in the kitchen, waiting. We have hot chocolate but none of us feel like eating yet. The girls are still asleep, as soon as someone comes they’re being moved into the attic. I’ve left plenty of torches up there and have put some books and colouring things there for them. I’m really scared, we have no idea what we’re facing but they are sneaky and fast, they proved that by getting the boys heads onto our step and sabotage our vehicles without us seeing or hearing them. We were only a few hundred yards away yet they managed to get to our front door. They must have come through the fields which is a good mile walk in any direction, any closer and we’d have heard engines. Why didn’t we think of looking for them straight away? Hindsight is a curse. We’re as ready as we can be I think. We’ve picked our firing spots so both gates are covered and so is the field and we’ve shared out the ammunition. James, Mike and Brett are staying upstairs with their rifles to try and pick off as many as possible at distance. Paul is going into the top of the barn with Ash, Paul will have his rifle and Ash has a selection of melee weapons, they will try to get any that come into the yard. I have my little air rifle and my job is to slow them down, thigh and stomach shots, if they appear to be wearing body armour I’ll stick to legs and arms. I need to slow them down. Rob is in charge of keeping the girls safe and guarding our supplies as last resort, he’ll also be running ammo if needed although Paul is on his own when he runs out of rounds. Every shot needs to count. I have my napalm jar too. I’m not sure what I’ll do with it but I feel better having something burny. I was thinking of sticky bombs but I don’t know how to make the explosive part and I doubt I’d have the stuff needed anyway. Paul and Ash are going to the barn now.

11.30pm They came shortly after 7am, it was just light. We heard their engines approaching over the dawn chorus, the birds seemed louder than usual but maybe it was just me. I ran to the bathroom window and stood on the edge of the bath to see out past the frosting on the glass. There was a convoy of 4x4s coming down the road. They parked at the end of our driveway. A man in camo gear got out with a loud hailer and said

“Surrender now and you may go free. Fight and you will die.”

I went into the bedroom where James was watching through the window, he’d pushed a wardrobe over most of the window to cover himself and was kneeling down with his elbow resting on an upturned drawer. We’d taken the opening side of the windows we were firing from off their hinges.

“This is your last chance. Surrender now or we will attack”

I heard James muttering at under his breath next to me “No way matey” as he lined up his shot. His finger had the trigger depressed to the first notch and I could see him controlling his breath, ready to shoot. I looked back at the vehicles on the road. There were 7 assorted 4x4s each capable of carrying between 5 and 12 adults, if full I estimated over 50 armed persons against 4 armed soldiers, me Ash and Rob. This was assuming there were no more coming through the fields out of my sight. The odds weren’t good. I could feel James doing the same mental arithmetic as me and was pretty sure the others would be doing the same. I could hear Rob above us in the attic and thought of my babies up there. I got my air rifle and went downstairs, on the way out I said “good luck J” “We’re gonna need it sweetie” he replied quietly.

Once in the kitchen I could see Paul in the barn, he was making no attempt to conceal himself yet, I guessed because he couldn’t see the cars. He disappeared from the hole in the barn wall where we’d taken some of the bricks out yesterday. We’d made 3 vantage points in the barn wall covering each direction.

“They’re on the move” James called quietly. I heard Mike and Brett moving slightly, adjusting their firing positions I guessed. I heard the engines approaching up the drive. James’ voice came down the stairs “Let them come” We all stood ready, I was shaking slightly and I wondered if I could hold my aim. The head vehicle stopped at the gate and four men got out, all in combat clothing. I heard someone coming down the stairs, Brett came into the kitchen “can’t get a clear shot up there, why isn’t he letting us fire?” “I don’t know but I’m sure he has a good reason” I replied. The men didn’t appear to be armed. Three of them stood at the gate while one went to the back of the 4×4 and came back with bolt cutters. He cut through our chain and pushed the gate. It swung slowly and noisily open, the high-pitched squeak too loud for such a quiet morning.

“Pick your shot, wait for them to come through the gate then fire at will”

“about bloody time” said Brett. He shouldered his rifle as he walked into the dining room. We’d cut notches out of the window frame to fire through.

A loud crack came from upstairs followed closely by another, through the window I saw the first 2 men fall to the ground. The remaining 2 ran back to their vehicle and dived inside, I heard Brett fire one shot in the next room, I’d never been this close to live firing without ear defenders and the report rang in my ears. A second later the man on the passenger side slid out and fell to the ground.

“Either side of the vehicles, single file, maybe 15 or 20, at the double, all armed, shoot at will” James’ voice sounded calm as he gave the order. We all responded. I knew my part was to slow any that got past the gate and into the yard. Once past the gate they were mine. I rested the muzzle of the rifle on the kitchen worktop and waited. Within 10 seconds the men were in view, they fanned out as they approached the gate, staying bent double and trying to stay in cover of the vehicles. James and Mike fired a couple of shots each and I heard thumps and groans from outside. One of the men was at the drivers side of the 4×4 in plain view for me, he was taking aim with a shotgun. “4×4 drivers side crouching down” I called “got him” came Mikes voice from upstairs, closely followed by a crack and the man folded over on himself.

Now the men started shooting. I couldn’t see any of them but their shots didn’t seem to be doing anything, I was thinking surely they can’t miss an entire house when I heard shots coming from the barn, “shit they’ve seen Paul” I said. “I can’t get a shot” called Brett “same here mate” Mike shouted down. “More coming from the field, towards the back of the barn, maybe 10 all armed”

I knew we were in trouble, heavily outnumbered and outgunned, these guys were organised. I saw men approaching the back gate, the lead man knelt at the lock and as he was opening it I lined up a shot. I went for the torso, hoping to wind him at worst. I fired my little rifle and immediately started to reload, as I pushed the round in I looked up and saw the man on the ground, shuffling backwards into cover “nice shot” said Brett “Right in the shoulder, he won’t be shooting for a bit” “I was going for his chest” I replied with a little laugh “they all count” Brett chuckled

As I raised my rifle to my shoulder to take my next shot the men at the front gate came in force. At least 20 ran into the yard, firing at the windows as they ran. The kitchen window shattered and I hit the floor, getting showered in glass in the process. I counted to 3 to settle my nerves, took a deep breath and got to my feet, crouching below the level of the worktop. The guys were firing almost constantly, single shots. I saw men dropping to the floor, some obviously dead, most badly wounded. I took a shot at one running towards the house and got him square in the thigh. He screamed as he fell but kept hold of his shotgun. They all seemed to have shotguns. As the majority of the men were taken down the next wave came. Our windows must have all been shot out in the first wave and now they had clear views but so did we and we had the benefit of brick walls to hide behind.

I heard Brett changing his magazine in the next room as I reloaded my rifle and picked my next target. They were coming fast. I could see more running down the drive and shouted to the guys to warn them. One of the injured men was crawling towards the house and I shot him in the back. He seemed to spasm and cried out then lay still, his hand still on the trigger of his shotgun.

As I crouched down to reload I saw something fly past my head and heard a smash behind me. A blast of flames shot up by the stove and the heat made my skin feel too tight. I put down my rifle and grabbed a bucket of water from by the sink and threw it over the flames, then stamped out the last burning parts. I quickly glanced outside and saw more men coming with molotovs. They threw them at the house. A few missed and smashed on the walls, the others must have found their targets as I heard James shouting “fire!” from upstairs. We hadn’t planned for this and I’d just thrown my only bucket of water over the first fire. I ran into the living room and grabbed the blankets we’d used earlier this morning from the sofa and ran upstairs. i went into the bedroom where James was and threw a blanket over the flames, he was still firing and hadn’t moved from his position. The bed was in flames and I tried to smother them. I was failing badly so I wrapped the blanket around my hands and balled up the burning sheets. “Mind out” I said and threw the burning sheets through the broken window. I saw blood on James face “Broken glass got me when they shot the window” he said when he saw me look. There were a few smouldering patches on the mattress and I forced my wrapped up hands onto the burning spots to put them out. I ran from room to room checking for fires. Mike called “In here” and I went to him. The bottle hadn’t broken this time and the rag was just scorching the carpet. I picked it up carefully and stamped out the carpet “They can have this one back” I said and threw it back out of the window, roughly aimed at the hedge where Mike was firing. I didn’t stay to see if I’d done any good, I needed to get back downstairs.

Another group was running into the yard, there was no cover for them and we had pretty clear shots. As I got into the kitchen I saw the door was open “oh shit” I thought. I’d left my rifle in there and was unarmed. I turned to go back into the dining room and felt an arm slip around my throat. Before I could scream or shout a rough hand covered my mouth. I kicked the door as hard as I could, hoping Brett would realise something was wrong.

“Keep it down lady” said a mans voice in my ear as I was dragged towards the back door. The man holding me pulled me kicking and fighting into the yard. He walked me backwards right into the middle. The firing from the house stopped.

“Surrender now and I’ll let her live” he shouted right down my ear. I tried to shake my head. I hoped they would keep firing. They are all good marksmen and I trusted them to try for a shot at him, even while he was holding me. I stopped struggling and stood as still as I could to give them a clear shot.

The other men in the yard and bushes came out from their cover and stood around me and the man holding me. I looked around as much as I could without moving my head. they’d suffered many losses and there appeared to be maybe 10 left. I was thinking “we can take these” as I heard James shouting down to the man “let her go and we’ll let you live, how about that?”

“Very funny, you know that’s not going to happen” he called back “You’ve done well so far but we have more troops on the way. Give up now and we’ll spare the children.”

My heart skipped a beat, they’d been watching us, they knew we had the girls in the house. I was thinking “please shoot him” but I knew they couldn’t take the chance with so many others around. I looked up and couldn’t see anyone at the windows, I wasn’t surprised, they were too good to let themselves be obvious targets.

We stood in deadlock. Neither side showing any signs of backing down. I knew the guys would be planning something but I had no idea what. I couldn’t believe I’d been so stupid to let myself be grabbed. I wondered how they’d got the back door open, I knew I’d locked it, then I remembered the broken window. I pictured someone reaching through and unlocking the door. How did Paul not see them though?

An engine fired up over by the gate. I felt the man holding me turn to look as the lead 4×4 drove straight at us, accelerating as it came. It was a short distance and the men scattered as it came, starting to fire at it. The man holding me shoved me to the ground and I hit my head on the yard. I saw stars and then everything went black


4 Responses to “Diary: 2015 March PART 4.”

  1. Noooooooooo! You can’t end things there!

  2. Oh sure, leave us hanging.

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