Diary: 2015 March PART 3.

3rd March

4pm We had no attacks last night and I actually got a lie in, hence no morning entry. It was nice to have everyone together in the kitchen with me while I was cooking although I did miss my quiet thinking time. We’ve spent the day putting up the fences the guys brought back yesterday. They went up really quickly with us all pitching in and apart from a lack of shovels to share the digging we managed pretty well. We now have a fence across the whole front of the house and garden and part of the front field. There was already a small wire fence there but now it’s a solid wood one, enough to stop zombies and keep the house out of sight from prying eyes. We need more panels and posts to do the sides of the field and around the back. While we were putting the fence up we talked about changing the house around to make more room and useful space. I’m going to make one of the stables into a classroom. We found some paint in the cellar when we were tidying so I can make it nice and bright. Next time we take any bodies to the school we’re going to break in and get a couple of desks and school supplies. the girls are getting bored and they’re both too clever to not have a proper education although I think my curriculum will be slightly different to what they would have been learning. We have also tied tin cans on strings to the main gate and the gate to the field so we’ll hear if anyone tries to come over them. James put barbed wire around both gates too so nobody can slip over them easily. We were going to put cans across the driveway but it’ll be a pain having to move them when we’re coming and going so we’re going to think of something else. I reckon we need a few dogs in the yard but thinking about it I’ve seen very few. I guess most of them will have starved, locked inside their houses. Poor things.

We saw the man from the schoolyard this afternoon. He was walking down the road chatting away to himself with his can of beer in one hand and a small crate under the other arm. Again he didn’t even speak to us. Very strange. Paul is certain he was carrying a different brand of beer today, he must have a stash somewhere. I wonder where he’s sleeping and how he’s defending himself. Maybe he’s a ninja on the quiet, I’d like to see that. He looks like a tramp.


4th March

7am We had a very long night. There were zombies coming in groups of 2 or 3 every half an hour or so. Mike and Brett were on first shift and were killing them with the machete and a crowbar to keep the noise down and save ammo. They had to finish early and hand over to James and Paul because they were so tired. We have a right pile this morning. There must have been 40 through the night, more than we’ve had to deal with before. I think they must be coming from the bigger towns further away, they’ve certainly had enough time to walk here. We’re just waiting for full light to move them. James is outside now hooking up the trailer and getting the tarps ready. Rob is going to stay with the girls so I can go to the school and pick my supplies then we’re all going to try and finish the fencing as best as we can today. I think we’re going to try to acquire some tall gates for the end of the driveway too.

3pm We got back from the school just after 11am and went straight into the field to sort the fences. I got my school supplies that I wanted and we saw some more fences which we’ll go back for another day. Today we just made safe the work we did yesterday and dug holes for more poles when we get them. When we all got back to the house the plan was to have a brew then get started on the school room and moving stuff around in the house. As we came through the gate into the yard we saw 2 round shapes on the step. My heart sank. As we got closer there was no doubt, it was the heads of Bryn and Dewi Griffiths, the 2 boys that were meant to have been zombied. Their decapitated heads didn’t look zombied, I’ve seen a few zombie heads now so I think I’m qualified to judge. Under the stump of Bryns neck there was a note in a clear plastic bag.



This is your only warning

We will be back tomorrow to take back what you have stolen from us

You will return our property then leave our land or we will kill your children while you watch

Welsh Defense League

Brett lifted the little heads into an empty box and set them on one side while I poured water  over the step to wash away the blood. I had so many questions swirling around in my head. Why would Mair lie about the boys being infected? Who were these people who had killed them? Why did they kill them? Did they take Mairs body and Johns remains too? Do they also have Rhys? Are they the people from Ruthin?

We went into the kitchen and sat at the table. Ashley put the kettle on the stove and we sat in silence until the kettle whistled. We didn’t see anyone coming to the house. How did they sneak past us? They must have come through the back field. Mike jumped up and ran outside, grabbing a crowbar on the way out “Back in 5 minutes”. We sat in silence again. James was stoking his stubble, deep in thought, Brett was picking at his fingernails. Rob gave my had a squeeze under the table as I stroked Serens hair. A few minutes later Mike came running back into the yard. He rushed into the kitchen and threw the crowbar down onto the tiled floor. “They’ve been at the vehicles. Fuel pipes cut on all of them. I bloody thought I could smell fuel when we came into the yard”

He slumped into his chair, shaking his head. “Can you fix them?” I asked. “Oh yeah I can fix them alright, not a problem, I just need the parts. I’m guessing I can get fuel pipes from the cars left parked up and bodge a repair until I can get the right bits, but I’ve gotta get to them first, it’s a hell of a walk to the nearest car and who’s to say they haven’t been at them too? I might be able to get one of the landys going with some duct tape or something but the fuel will cut through the adhesive pretty damn fast. Plus I only had a quick look, they might have done more damage I didn’t notice.”

I sat and thought for a minute then said “When we left Ripon I was given a radio to contact the army in the case of finding a group of the terrorists who caused this whole mess.” I’d kept this little bit of information to myself so far, I’m not really sure why. They all looked at me, I felt really bad. “I’m sorry I didn’t tell you all but I never intended on using it. It was made quite clear they wouldn’t come and rescue us” I told them everything, I told them about the secret call-sign to stop us being shot by army patrols looking for terrorists and bandits. I told them about the resistance groups that were searching out army patrols and killing them. They didn’t say a word until I’d finished.

Paul spoke first, he put his hand on my shoulder and said not to feel bad for keeping quiet. James didn’t look happy at all. He looked at me with such disappointment as he asked how he was meant to keep us safe if he didn’t have all the information and why should he keep us safe if I’m not being honest with him. All I could say was that I never intended on going anywhere near the army again and I’d never thought about it. It wasn’t like I’d intentionally kept it a secret, I just hadn’t seen it as important. I had told them all I knew and I think they could see this. James face softened and he stood up and starting pacing. Over the last hour they’ve been discussing how we will defend ourselves. there is no question of us handing over supplies or leaving. We have 7 adults who can shoot, 4 army issue rifles and just short of 300 round, my air rifle and well over 5000 pellets and lots of heavy melee weapons although we don’t want to get to hand-to-hand fighting. I’ve brought the girls away while they plan, they’re drawing pictures now. I don’t think they have any idea how serious this could be, I hope not anyway. I’m going to get Rob to help me move their mattresses and bedding into the attic and get some torches and emergency stuff up there. We don’t know how many people to expect tomorrow and if they get into the house I want the girls hidden.




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  1. You should follow Offa’s example, and build a big Ditch 🙂

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