Diary: 2015 March PART 2.

2nd March

6.30am Oh am I glad the men turned up yesterday! We had a load of zombies overnight. I stayed in the bedroom with the girls. Having four armed soldiers in the house has definite advantages. Their rifles are much louder than mine and the girls were quite scared by the noise but they settled eventually. In between shooting we talked about defenses. We hadn’t made any real progress at fortifying the property yet apart from boarding up the outbuildings we don’t use because we’ve been so busy but with more man-power now it’s the new priority. I’m up early again cooking a days worth of food so we can work all day without stopping. We’re having a breakfast “house meeting” to delegate jobs and responsibilities. Once we all have designated tasks we should work more efficiently. There are 9 of us to feed now and that is going to become a logistical nightmare if we don’t get organised.

10am Just had our house meeting. We all shared our practical knowledge and skills and have decided who will do what.

Mike is in charge of the farming. he worked on a farm as a teenager before joining the army. Although he only has limited experience he has driven a tractor and seen how a farm works in basic terms. He’s going to spend today reading up from the almanac and looking at my survival file which has some veg growing info in it. He is also our mechanic as he did 6 years in the army doing that job.

Rob is working next to Mike and assisting anyone else when he’s able to. I want him close to the house so he’s around the girls as much as possible.

James is in charge of home security assisted by Brett. They will take charge of defending the house and land from any threats. They will also be in charge of identifying new threats – like the shooters in Ruthin.

My job is to keep track of our stores and run the house. Feeding us is my first priority. I must let the men know when we’re getting low on any supplies. I’m also in charge of first aid. As the person in the house with the medical supplies I’ll be the one handing out plasters. My other job is to school the girls. I will assist where needed in other areas, specifically locating supplies. I know the area well and have been quietly preparing for something major like this for years. Basically I’m the logistics lady.

Ashley and Paul are finders. They will go out and find whatever it is we might need. They will be in charge of disposing of bodies. When they’re not doing that they will help whoever needs helping.

This morning Ashley is taking James, Brett and Paul out to gather more supplies, they will be looking for materials to fortify the house and land. They are also going to stop in at the Griffiths farm to look for little Rhys again. Mike is claiming the dining room table to do whatever research he needs to so he can get planting food. He’s having a look at my planting charts at the moment and working out how much man-power each job will take so we can draw up a rota and make sure we don’t get behind on the food production.

Rob is staying here with me and the girls. We’re going to use the opportunity to properly sort through the stores we’ve gathered. I’m going to catalogue everything and get it all in order for ready use. Our other job is to reorganise the furniture in the house. It’s a 4 bedroom farmhouse. There are 2 double beds, 2 single beds and a bunk bed. 8 beds, 9 people. I think the guys are going to have a look for another bed and mattress, hopefully more than one. We do have camping beds which the men slept on last night in the living room, but we really need a decent bed each. We need to have a think about bedrooms too. 9 of us cramped into this house is going to be crowded enough, we need our privacy. I had been using the dining room as an office basically and I think it’s going to stay that way but the living room is huge and can be split into two parts. We could make an extra bedroom there maybe, plus we still have the cellar which is massive and full of boxes now. We need to clear that out and see what we can do down there. We haven’t explored the attic much other than to pop out heads through the hatch and see it is empty. With a little work I think we could put a bedroom up there too.

Oh Rob and the girls have gone down to the cellar to make a start. I might just finish my tea. If Ash and the guys get nothing else today I really hope they get coffee and sugar!

4pm We’ve been busy here at the house today. Me and Rob have emptied the cellar, dumped everything in the kitchen and put the useful stuff back in order in the cellar. We took every shelving unit in the house down there to store everything tidily so we can find things. Mike has been helping in-between reading. He’s got all of the seeds I brought and has found some gardening books when we were ripping out the bookshelves. I think he’s quite looking forward to starting our little farm. I can hear engines… the others must be back, oh yes I can see the transit coming up the drive now, oh and here’s the army landrover and now they’ve pulled up at the gate and I can still hear a vehicle, a large one. What have they brought home? I’m going out for a look.

7pm When I walked out into the yard I saw Ash and Paul getting out of the transit. The trailer was on the back and I could see wooden fence panels through the slats on the side. The army landy was next. The canvas over the pick-up back had been taken off and the back was loaded with fence posts and messy rolls of wire. The noise I could hear from the kitchen was a tractor. A big green tractor. Brett was driving and he was towing a large flatbed trailer behind, filled (I think) much to high, with wooden posts. They were all very pleased with themselves. I moved my landy so the could get the tractor into the yard. Brett had to drive it though the gate on the other end on the yard and into the field beyond so that the flatbed would get into the farmyard enough for me to shut the gate behind him. As soon as he stopped his engine all of the men started undoing the straps holding the wooden posts. As the last strap popped open the posts started rolling off the trailer. They fell into a surprisingly tidy pile in front of the stable block. James grabbed a pair of stone planters that had been at either side of the gate and used them to prop the bottom poles so the pile didn’t roll apart. Brett then got back into the tractor and drove the flatbed into the back field so we could have some room in the yard. He parked the tractor behind the stable block so it was out of sight from the road and came back to help unload our smaller trailer. The second trailer was filled with fence panels which we all stacked next to the stable we’d been keeping the pigs in. They were slightly too big to fit through the door so we used the panels to block it instead. We threw the wire rolls into the barn where the cows had been and went inside for a hot drink. Our fingers were red and stiff from the cold.

Once supplied with hot drinks we all sat at the table and chatted about our day. They’d dumped last nights bodies first and were very impressed at how many we’d killed so far. They’d seen someone walking around the playground as they approached and thought it might be a zombie but as they pulled up on the playground they realised it was just a man. He was scruffy looking and wandering in circles, talking to himself. They said they tried to speak to him but he ignored them. They unloaded and left without him so much as looking at them.

Next they went to look for Rhys. The egg bap I’d left for him was gone but there was no other sign of anybody being there. As James said, there’s no way of knowing if Rhys took the bap, it could have been a cat or a fox or something. I think it was the boy. They left a packed lunch I’d made for him and came away. We’ll go back again tomorrow.

After that they spent the rest of their time pulling up fences. They’d tried to dig out some palisade fencing but couldn’t get past the concrete at the base of the posts. They’re going back once the fences they brought today are up. They’ve got 7ft solid panels and the posts are all 9-10 feet. James wants to fence off the whole main field and perimeter of the house. In front of the fence he wants to have the rolls of barbed wire and some other various traps. I’ll leave him to it.

We’re going to draw up a rota for night watch duties. We’re painfully short on ammunition. The military rifles they use are going to be difficult to find ammo for. The only thing I can think of is to try the armoury at Kinmel training camp. I doubt they would have live rounds there but there should be a few boxes of blanks at least which will do at short-range. We should be able to get plenty of air rifles and pellets there if nobody has beaten us to it. If we do decide to go there we will have to call past Rob parents village, we’d be too close not to.

Another job is to try and find out who is shooting in Ruthin. That is our main route to anywhere towards the coast and home and all of the shops and warehouses I’d picked out for exploration are in that direction. If they are going to be a real threat then we need to know about them. We think they’re either local lads acting lawless now there’s no law. All bluster and no balls. OR they could actually be quite nasty and the type who would slit your throat for fun. If they’re the second, which I have a horrible feeling they might be, then we could have real problems with them. We’ll see. Either way we have accumulated a decent amount of useful equipment and foods, we will be a target for any bad guys in the area.

One other issue we’ve been talking about is the family/community argument. I wanted us to live as a family and not let outsiders join us. After a month of living like this, even with the vast amount of supplies still available to us, we have seen how we’re going to struggle. There just aren’t enough hours in the day to grow, prepare and cook all your food, and keep farm animals, and kill zombies at night and dispose of them the next day and everything else that needs doing. Everything takes 10 times as long. Washing clothes takes all day and they’re near impossible to dry, it won’t be so bad in the summer I suppose but right now I have a constant row of knickers dangling from strings in front of the stove. We’re running out of clothes because I can’t dry them quick enough. James thinks we should accept more survivors as we find them as long as they fit in and are willing to do their share. This is fine by me but I wonder what would happen if we came across someone who’d made it through by pure luck so far and wasn’t able to survive alone, someone with medical issues or a disability perhaps. We couldn’t let them starve but could we afford to carry someone? I guess it’d be the same if one of us were injured. It’s a bridge we’ll cross if we come to it. For now I have lists to make and rotas to write and two tired little girls to get to bed.


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  1. Hmmm I’m getting suspicious, you’ve given us loads of lovely characters to like, therefore it’s with trepidation that’ll read further posts………….

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