Diary: 2015 March PART 1.

1st March

6am New month, new start. I’m not feeling so melancholy this morning. I’m waiting for some bread to cook, I was going to make omelettes but I’m boiling eggs instead. Am having a cup of tea (the coffee is gone) and waiting for everyone to get up. We all seem to wake earlier these days. Me and Ash are going to sort out the mess we left at the Griffiths farm. We’re taking Mairs body to the school yard and we’ll deal with the boys too, hopefully we’ll find Rhys today. Once that’s taken care of we’re turning our attentions to farming. I did a lot of thinking in bed last night. We can live for a couple of years on tinned food, there’s plenty lying around, but we’ll need fresh produce eventually. I haven’t told anyone about my plan yet but I’m sure it won’t be a problem. Rob will probably sulk at being left at home but I don’t want the girls to have to go back into that hell-hole of a house ever again.

Oh I can hear little footsteps upstairs, my babies are awake.


10am We’ve just got back from the Griffiths farm. It was a very strange trip. When we arrived the front door was open so me and Ash got our crowbars ready in case there were zombies inside. When we got in the house was empty, no sign of anyone – alive or dead. Mairs body is gone. Johns head is gone, the cellar is empty although there are mattresses and blankets down there so it looks likely they really were keeping the other boys there. The kitchen was appalling, blood everywhere. There were small bloody footprints leading out of the back door and into the yard but no other sign of little Rhys. I dread to think what he’s seen. We called him and searched the outbuildings again but there’s still no sign of him. I left an egg bap in the living room so if he returns he’ll have something to eat. I hope we find him. We came back to our farm and helped Rob with the milking and moved his pig sty into the field. It took all three of us to move it. I told him to build it in place! I’m spending the rest of the morning reading up on farming and growing veg. We’ve grown veg for years now but I’ve never really had to feed us consistently from our produce, it’s only ever been a nice addition to our diet. I’m going to make a chart on the dining room wall of when to plant and harvest each crop we intend to grow. I planted some lettuces in a window box in the kitchen and they’re coming up nicely already so we’ll have some fresh greens soon. My spinach is doing well too. The weather is much better now and the ground is warming up nicely, it’s quite warm and sunny today. Let’s hope it lasts so we can get some work done. I reckon we need a good week on the farm to sort ourselves out.

12pm Am cooking dinner. Rob got some target practise in earlier and managed to shoot a couple of pheasant, he’s coming on really well. We looked for Johns shotgun while we were at their farm this morning but couldn’t find it. Nevermind, when we’re finished planting we’ll go on a recce round the rest of the farms in the area and see what we can find. I’ve got the pheasant bleeding out ready for tea, I’m making us rice for dinner. Boring but filling. I’ve done a big pot so the animals can have some too.

12.10pm I can hear a vehicle, am sure I can. Going outside to see.

7pm I could hear a vehicle alright! I nearly died of shock when I went outside and saw an army truck coming up the driveway, I ran back into the kitchen to grab my crowbar as Rob and Ashley were out in the field with the rifle, the girls were upstairs so I shouted at them to get under their beds. I went back outside as the army landrover pulled up at the gate. The sun was shining on the windscreen and i couldn’t see who was inside. I shouldered the rifle as the drivers door opened. I saw legs getting out and the door slammed closed. “Put your weapon down you crazy bitch!” I nearly dropped it as I recognised the voice and ran to the gate. I belly rolled over the gate straight into Pauls arms and he gave me the tightest hug I’ve ever had. “How did you find us?” He gave me a big kiss on the cheek and said “I could smell your cooking from 300 miles away. Is the kettle on?” I laughed as I hugged him again. “The kettle is always on in our house, you know that.” I told him. The passenger door opened and another familiar figure got out, Ssgt Davies stepped into the sunlight and grinned at me. “I told you if you got out I’d be coming too” Another 2 men jumped from the back of the landy. Paul introduced them as Cpl Mike Jones and Brett. I opened the gate and told them to drive in then lock it behind them while I went back to the kitchen. I called the girls to come downstairs and got the yellow emergency whistle off the hook by the kitchen door. I gave it 3 sharp blows. It was our signal to come home quick. I hoped Rob and Ash would hear it. I led the men into the kitchen, Paul got onto his knees and hugged the girls. Ssgt Davies introduced himself properly for the first time. “My name is James” He told me. There are no ranks anymore. I looked at the four men now sitting at my table. One was almost family, the other 3 strangers but they were welcome. I liked all 3 immediately, they have the feeling of being good men. They laughed freely with the girls and it was a good sound. Around 10 minutes later Rob and Ash ran into the farmyard. I opened the door and smiled at them, they stopped running. “What’s the emergency?” I felt a hand on my shoulder as Paul stepped into the doorway. Ashley dropped the crowbar he was carrying and burst into tears as he ran to Paul. I thought my heart would burst I was so happy for him.

I served up a big plate of rice mixed with a tin of bacon grill and some tinned veg for us all. The animals wouldn’t be getting a share after all. I went into our cellar and brought a crate of beers and set it on the table. We filled them in on what had happened since we saw them last. Once we’d finished they told us their story.


A week earlier rumours had started going around the camp in Ripon about there being a research camp at the far end of the training area which was holding infected. Some people formed up into a group to storm the research camp. The soldiers had been given orders to shoot on sight any people who got too close, apparently some of the soldiers on guard duty were less than vigilant of maybe sympathetic to the cause and the research camp was breached. The infection quickly spread through the camp. They had escaped as soon as it was safe to do so and driven straight to us. On the way they saw few people, few zombies – even around the cities but driving through Ruthin they had been shot at.  I told them about our little episode in Ruthin, there is obviously an armed group of survivors there. I asked how they found us and Paul said he’d remembered when we were planning to come here before we were evacuated. They’d been visiting the farms that looked most likely. We were the third farm on his list. The first was burned down, the second empty and the third he found us. I asked about the med centre at Ripon, Paul knew what I was getting at. He said he’d tried to contact my parents but all the sick had been moved to the bigger med centre in Catterick a few weeks earlier, not long after we’d left. There is still a chance they’re alive somewhere.

Shortly after our dinner Ash and Paul went upstairs to catch up, they had lots to talk about. We chatted to James, Brett and Mike and got to know them a bit. James was a career soldier from an army family. Mike had just done his 6th year in the army and was a mechanic. Brett had been in admin. As much as I’ve said I didn’t want anyone else living with us, the thought of these guys leaving is just not an option. They are welcome, needed in fact. More eyes to watch the girls, more hands to feed us and more importantly they all grabbed every weapon they could find on their way out and are all trained to use them. We’re much safer now they are here.

I’m boiling buckets of water now so they can have a bath. Rob seems really happy to have more male company and the girls were amazed earlier when they had a competition to see who could strip and assemble their rifle the quickest. I think I’m going to sleep much more soundly tonight. What a brilliant day. February was the hardest month of our lives. March might be a little easier now we have some help.


7 Responses to “Diary: 2015 March PART 1.”

  1. Omg where is Rhys!!!!!

    Another great entry.

  2. That’s an interesting post. It reminds me of something I wrote recently on my blog. Great job. Keep up the good work!

  3. Houndini is alive! No, seriously though….who moved them, where did they go? Cant wait to find out! ^_^

  4. Yay! a happy bit, few that was a relief 🙂
    Great stuff by the way, keep it coming 😀

    • February did have a very melancholy ending but we’d just had a really horrible experience and a testing month in general. Hopefully now with some extra hands to share the work we will be a bit more cheerful.

  5. Incredibly well written…I’m loving it. I am an American who lived in the UK for 5 years in the 1980s and then traveled to the UK to visit family (married a Brit) each year thereafter. The heroine and the way she writes her diary is almost a carbon copy of a friend of mine who now lives in Skye. She cares for her family in much the same manner…her thought process seems to almost mimic yours…Congrats on such a super story…please get it published…it will do well.

    • Thankyou so much 🙂 This story is a work in progress, I am putting it on here as I write it so in effect it’s a first draft. Maybe some day it will find it’s way to a publisher but not in it’s current form.

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