Diary: 2015 February PART 19.

27th Feb

6am Am up early making breakfast and packed lunches. We’re taking Ali and Becci to Pentrefoelas after breakfast to get them a car. It’s going to be sad when they leave but they need to find their own path. They know they are welcome back here if things don’t work out. Waiting for the kettle to boil right now. I can hear someone moving upstairs, oh yes, little footsteps, sounds like Seren is coming down. I love spending time with my babies in the morning.

8.30am We all had a good feed and the others are getting the last of their stuff together before we leave. We’re taking the transit and the landy so we can fill up our jerries with fuel while we’re out after me not getting any yesterday. Looks like they’re ready.

1pm We got to Pentrefoelas shortly after 9am. We stopped a couple of times on the way to check out some cars but none were suitable. When we got to the village we found an old blue Ford Escort van parked outside a house. We crossed our fingers the van belonged to the owners of the house and we popped the door with a crowbar. The keys were on a side table just inside the doorway. Perfect. It started first time and already had a full tank of petrol. We got the jerries and tubes out and siphoned all the cars on the street. I wish all car manufacturers would more clearly mark diesels, we nearly had a couple of accidents. Mixing the fuel would not be a good idea. We gave Ali and Becci a jerry full of petrol and said our goodbyes. It was really sad but we were all happy for them. I hope they find somewhere safe. Once their van was out of sight we got on with siphoning fuel out of the other cars nearby. Once all our jerries were full we made our way back home to the farm. On the way Rob spotted a big piece of slate at the side of the road. We pulled over and picked it up and decided to have a picnic lunch. We sat at the side of the road and ate our spam butties while looking at the view across Llyn Aled. We made a mental note to come back another day and break into the boathouse. None of us know much about fishing but once we thought about having a fresh fish supper I reckon it’s a skill we’re going to have to learn. There’s a tackle shop in Pentrefoelas which we must visit soon. While we were eating our food Rob was busy scratching away at the slate with a stone he’d picked up on the gravel path. He showed us his handiwork. He’d made us a sign for the house. We’d half discussed naming the farm a couple of times. He’d scratched our choice onto the slate “Hiraeth”. It doesn’t have an english translation but it a bit like homesickness or missing what you used to have. I must admit, seeing it scratched into the slate brought a tear to my eye but I pretended it was the wind making my eyes water even though it’s a calm day. When we arrived home a bit later Rob set the slate at the end of the driveway. Today it did feel like coming home. As we reached the head of the driveway Ashley jumped out of the van in front of us to open the gate. I could see him looking confused as he walked back to the van. We drove in to the yard and parked up. As we got out of the landy Ash walked over and told us the gate was unlocked. I knew I’d locked it when we left. As we got to the door we saw a note trapped under a flower pot on the step. I picked it up and read it aloud:

Dear Sian and family

John and I would like to invite you to join us for evening tea tonight at 5pm.

We look forward to seeing you all



We were all a little surprised and slightly suspicious.  We went into the house and the girls ran off upstairs to play, They’d collected stones from the lake and were playing dollies with them. We sat at the table and discussed what to do. We eventually decided we should go. Maybe it was Mairs way of approaching the subject of what to do with the boys without John being as likely to hurt her. Whatever her agenda, I’m not happy about taking the girls. We decided to scrub up and take a gift. I made a quick cake batter and went upstairs to pick out some clothes while it cooked. We have to take weapons with us as we’ll be travelling back in the dark which I’m also unhappy about. Being in a house with 2 infected children and a wife beater is bad enough without having to drive home in the dark to face god knows what. I went to my knife box and picked out the three most wicked pocket knifes we have. After a minutes thought I picked out another three knifes for us and a small sheathed hunting knife for the Carys. The thought of giving my 8 year old a knife to carry makes my feel sick to my stomach but I have a feeling in my gut I’ll regret it if I don’t, plus she’s already showed us she can handle a machete. These are strange times.

4.30pm We’re all changed and ready to go. Just having a quick drink before we leave. We have just about enough coffee left for a weak brew each when we get back later. The sugar is gone now after making the cake. For future reference – icing sugar is not good in coffee – even if you’re desperate.

28th Feb

4am We arrived at the Griffiths farm at 4.55pm yesterday, one thing Army Cadets taught me is to always be 5 minutes early. I parked the landrover in front of the house and we got out and went to the front door. Before we could knock Mair opened the door and welcomed us. She showed us inside and into a medium sized living room. It was cosy but functional. There was a small fire burning in the hearth which was lovely as it was starting to get a little chilly outside. She said that John was still out in the fields but he’d be joining us later for our meal and then excused herself. We sat in the living room, not quite knowing what to say. A few minutes later she returned with 4 glasses of red wine and 2 tumblers of juice for the girls. I asked her if everything was alright. She looked a bit nervous for a second, almost scared, then smiled and said everything was fine. I offered to help her in the kitchen but she refused, telling me that we were her guests and to make ourselves at home while she finished preparing the meal. Again she left us alone. The house was silent except for the occasional sound of dishes clattering in the kitchen. around 10 minutes later she came back in and asked us to come through to the dining room. We followed her in, complimenting her on the wonderful smell coming from the kitchen. My tummy was rumbling as soon as I smelled the food. We all took our places at the table. The girls had left their drinks untouched in the living room. I couldn’t drink any wine as I was driving. Even with no police around I didn’t fancy running off the road half pissed. Ashley isn’t a big drinker or a fan of red wine and also hadn’t touched his drink. Rob took a sip and quietly whispered to me that it tasted funny. I said it was probably past it’s best and said to leave it. Mair came through from the kitchen with a large serving dish of steaming hot vegetables. I wondered where she’d got them and she said she had a vegetable patch but these had come from tins. They looked lovely. She went back into the kitchen and returned with a large carving knife and a gravy boat. She set these on the table and went back to the kitchen. This time she returned with a large silver platter complete with a big domed silver lid like you see in films. I asked her where she got them and she said they were her grandmas. I asked if John would be joining us and she gave me that funny look again. “Oh yes, He’ll be here alright”. She sat at the head of the table and asked us if we minded saying grace. It was a little embarrassing as it’s not really our thing but we didn’t mind humouring her. We bowed our heads as she said a little prayer in Welsh. It struck me as strange because it was the one we used to say in school at lunch time

Diolch i ti am y byd,

Diolch am ein bwyd bob dydd,

diolch am yr haul a’r glaw,

diolch Dduw am bopeth ddaw.

roughly translated as:

Thank you for the world,

Thank you for our food every day,

Thank you for the sun and rain,

Thank you God for everything.

The girls were happy that they could join in and I guessed that she’d got into the habit of using that prayer with her boys. She stood up and said “I’ll be mother” then picked up the carving knife. She rested her hand on the handle of the domed lid covering the platter and lifted it with a flourish.

We all gasped in horror. On the platter was the cooked head of John complete with an apple in his mouth, surrounded by what looked like his intestines.

“I’m not rightly sure how to carve this” said Mair calmly “I suppose it’s the same as a pigs head” she laughed shakily as she started to slice off his right ear. We were all frozen in our seats. Ashley was saying “oh my god oh my god oh my god” under his breath. He looked at me as if he was mentally pleading with me to do something. Rob was staring at his empty plate. Carys was staring at the head on the platter and looking confused. Seren meanwhile wasn’t phased at all and said “excuse me Mrs Mair. Is that sausages? I like sausages” pointing at the intestines around the head. “No cariad thats Mr Johns belly, I took it out because he was naughty and I fried it in butter for my tea.”

I quietly nodded to Ashley and flicked my eyes downwards a couple of times. He got the hint. I saw him put his hand under the table. Mair was still trying to carve johns head with little luck. His face looked shocked, not surprising really. I said “Mair I’m not feeling to well, would you mind if we go home?” She looked at me with fire in her eyes. “I have cooked you a meal. You will stay and eat it.” Rob had seen Ashley reaching under the table and had followed suit. We all had our bigger knife in our hands, concealed by the tablecloth. While Mair was concentrating on trying to cut off Johns nose I subtly nodded 1, 2, 3…


5 Responses to “Diary: 2015 February PART 19.”

  1. Blimey! At least she was a bit more imaginative than the Jordashes….I mean why bury him under the patio when you could roast him?!

  2. Oh god… Roasted… I wonder why the wine tasted funny….

  3. I wonder too… maybe we’ll find out, maybe we won’t….

  4. So I was reading this at 2am and I literally gasped at the words. Of course, i had the slight suspisions that there were body parts under there but your words and my sleepy state of mind detered me for a few seconds and then WHAM! A roasted head.
    Funny how you can misjudge a person.
    Who would have known Mair was a complete apathetic psycho deep inside?

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