Diary: 2015 February PART 17.

25th Feb cont’d



Carys was running from the landrover towards the zombies attacking Rob and Ashley. She reached them a second before I did. My plan had been to batter the head of the one on Ashley with the butt of the rifle but now my baby was thrown into the mix and I hesitated.

I saw a flash of movement and heard a meaty thump. Rob was by now on the floor, wrestling with the zombie that was trying to bite him. The zombie turned its head and looked at Carys. Ashley was still on his feet, his arms locked onto the arms of the zombie attacking him. They were almost dancing in circles at arm’s length, a deadly checkmate. He’d dropped his crowbar. Rob still had his crowbar but wasn’t able to swing it because of the zombie on top of him. Carys had hold of something, I saw another flash and realised it was the sun catching my machete which I’d left in the door pocket of the landrover. She swung it at the zombie pinning her Dad and screamed again.

“Get off my Daddy!”

The machete was huge in her little hands and she didn’t have the strength to hit with any real power but she managed to take a good slice into its arm. It slumped down onto Rob, its jaws now much too close to his face. He shouted in disgust as he tried to wriggle free. I shouted at Carys to move as I swung the rifle butt at the head of the zombie. The impact sent a shock up my arms and I dropped the rifle. “gimme the knife” I said and Carys passed it to me. “get back to the landrover chick its not safe here” I told her and she backed away as I swung the machete at the zombies head. It hit in roughly the same place I’d got with the rifle butt and the machete dug deeply into its skull. I tugged it as hard as I could and it came free with a sucking noise. The zombie groaned and went limp and rob was finally able to push it off. He got to his feet shakily and started battering it’s head with the crowbar. I turned to Ashley who was still waltzing with the last zombie. “some help please” he said as he caught my eye. “Stand still” I told him as I swung the machete at the zombies head. I missed and caught it in the neck. As I pulled the machete out its head flopped over to one side and rested on the opposite shoulder. It stood for a second longer then fell to the floor. Ashley stamped on its head repeatedly then walked away towards the barn. Rob was standing at the remains of the zombie who had attacked him. Its head was just a pulp. I ran to the landrover, shaking, Carys was sitting back in the passenger seat with Seren. They were both crying. I slipped into the car and hugged them both. “I’m so sorry” I told them. “Is Daddy hurt?” Seren asked. “No baby I don’t think so”. “Is bumpy Ashley hurt?” she asked. When Carys was a baby she hadn’t been able to say uncle, Ashley became bumpy which was the closest she could get. The name had stuck. “No, bumpy is fine” I said. “Bumpy has the water coughs” Seren said, pointing toward the barn. I looked over and saw Ashley being sick. Lovely. I told the girls to lock the doors and beep the horn again if any more bad guys came, and this time NOT to come and help us. I told them they were very good girls and that Carys was very brave but she could have been hurt and not to do it again.

I left the girls in the landrover and went to Rob. He was still staring at the zombie he’d crushed. “Come on” I said and took his hand. We walked to the barn. I asked him to check on Ash while I got the women down from the hayloft. I lifted the heavy ladder and thumped it up against the trapdoor, nearly taking my head off in the process. “You can come down now, it’s safe” I shouted. The trapdoor opened and Alison and Becci came down the ladder. They saw the remains of the zombies littering the farmyard “Oh god”.

We all piled in to the landy and decided not to go for supplies after all. We came straight home. I boiled up some buckets of water and filled the bath. We got our dirty clothes off and I gave Ali and Becci some spare clothes from the previous owners. They were way too big but they were clean and warm. We let them get the first baths as we washed ourselves down with buckets of warm water in the yard.

I have a pot of vegetable casserole on the stove now. I say vegetable casserole, it’s pretty much potatoes and carrots and onion with some gravy but times are hard. The women are in the living room catching up. I suppose they’re deciding what to do next. We haven’t had time to talk but I’m pretty sure we can’t let them stay here for long unless they’re going to be able to contribute to keeping themselves. The girls are in our bedroom with their dad having a sleep. They’ve both been very quiet since we got back. Ashley is here with me. We’re doing a pretty good job of smoking away our tobacco supplies. I think we’ve earned it. The risks of smoking are pretty heavily outweighed by the risks of leaving the house now. He’s nodding off in the armchair by the stove. I’m not surprised. The zombies are strong, much stronger than we thought. We’ve got away pretty easily so far and been able to kill them before they got hold of us. we’d also assumed it was safe to be out in the light, we won’t make that mistake again. They must be getting pretty hungry, maybe that’s why they were out in the daytime. I really hope we have a quiet night.

9pm We talked over tea about our plans. Ali and Becci are moving on in a day or two. I think they understand that we can’t support them for too long. I’m going to take them out tomorrow to get some supplies. We’ve made a list of what they might need, transport, fuel, food, drinks, fire lighting kit, sleeping bags, new clothes, hiking boots etc. There is an outdoor supplies store in Ruthin at the opposite end of town to the fire. Hopefully it hasn’t been looted already. I can use the trip to show them how to hot wire a car and how to siphon fuel. Neither of them are outdoorsy people but they’re both sensible and they’ve managed to survive this long. I think they’ll be ok. Rob and Ashley are staying here at the farm. There is lots of work that needs to be done and I want the girls to stay here. I didn’t want them to see what they did today and I feel awful that I put them in danger. I need to have a good hard think about how we manage things in the future.

11.30pm All quiet. Going to bed soon. Rob and Ash went to bed at the same time as the girls, they’re both drained by today’s fighting. I’ve had time to chat to Ali and Becci about their plans. They still want to get to Betws Gwerfil Goch but have agreed that if the guy isn’t there they’ll come back here. I’ve made them a small first aid kit each and showed them some basics. I’ve also filled them in on how the infection takes hold after Mair’s description of her boys changing. I showed them my survival file and went through the basics of lighting a fire, finding clean water etc. They both drive so there is no issue of the driver being injured or ill and them being stranded. We’ve also talked about what kind of weapons they will be comfortable with. I think they’re both feeling a bit more prepared. We’re going to get their supplies straight after breakfast. I want to fill up our empty jerries with fuel while we’re out. I’m tired. Time for sleep.


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