Diary: 2015 February PART 16.

25th feb

5.30am last night a woman came to us. I heard her screaming and shouting and saw her running up the driveway. When she got to the gate she vaulted it like an athlete. She ran to the door shouting to let her in. We didn’t. We hid. She started hammering on the door with her fists and whatever weapon she was carrying. Ash said “she’s gonna come through there in a minute” I said “she might be infected” Rob got the rifle and passed it to me. Ash got his crowbar and Rob grabbed my machete. We opened the door and she burst through bringing the cold air in with her. As the door was closing we saw a group of zombies just getting to the gate. There were 5 or them. “I can handle them” Ash said as he opened the door and quietly slipped outside. Ashley and a crowbar are a pretty deadly combination.

The woman looked terrified. Her blonde hair was tied up in a ponytail and bits were plastered to her face with sweat. She didn’t look wounded or infected, just terrified. “I thought they were going to get me” she said. I asked her if she was hurt and she said she’d fallen on the road and skinned her knees but was otherwise fine. I could see the scuffs on her trouser legs. I asked if she’d been bitten or scratched by any zombies but she said she’d been able to outrun them until just before she got to the farm, they’d started gaining on her because she was so tired and was struggling to run. She’d got a major stitch in her side and twisted her ankle slightly which had slowed her enough to lose much of the advantage she’d had. I asked her how she knew there were people here and she said she was just hoping. She’d knocked at every house she’d passed.

I told her she could stay they night but first she’d have to prove she wasn’t bitten. She wasn’t keen on undressing in front of a stranger but I promised not to look at any rude bits and we’d do it one part at a time so she wouldn’t be totally undressed. She said she understood we were protecting ourselves and agreed to let me check her over. I asked her to leave her weapon – a cross spanner used to change a car wheel – on the kitchen table. She didn’t have anything else, no bag, only what she stood up in. I took her into the living room and told Rob to stay out unless I called him.

Her name is Alison. As I checked her over she told me that she had been making her way to a campsite she’d been to last summer because the guy there was into bushcraft and it was pretty off the radar. “The place in Betws Gwerfil Goch?” I asked. “Yeah do you know it?” she said. I told her we’d been there years ago when it first opened and had also considered going there. She’d been travelling with her friend Becci when their car had broken down. They decided to walk and try to find another car. Neither of them had any idea how to hotwire. They’d realised this when they came to the first car, which was also locked. She said it’d had a big spraypaint cross on it. “Oh yeah that’s us” I told her “we marked the cars we’ve siphoned, good job you didn’t waste your time on it, there’s no fuel left”. Once I was happy she had no bite marks I asked where her friend was now. She said they’d hidden in a barn at a farm further up the road when it started going dusk. Not long later the zombies came, at first just a couple. Becci had been able to get into the hayloft of the barn but Alison’s way was blocked by the zombies. She’d run. I felt really bad for her, she obviously felt terrible about leaving her friend but there wasn’t much she could have done. I said that Becci was probably safe up there, the zombies seem pretty stupid, they probably can’t use ladders. She said Becci kicked the ladder away as she’d seen Alison start to run.

I dressed the grazes on her knees and strapped up her twisted ankle. “are you hungry?” I asked. “Not really but I’m thirsty” she replied. I took her back into the kitchen. Rob had the kettle on the stove already and asked Alison how she took her coffee. Like a radar had gone off in his head, Ash stepped back through the door at the same moment and said “milk and 2 sugars”

Alison is asleep in the living room now. The girls and Ash slept in our room last night, just in case. We barricaded the door. We took our weapons to bed too. I’m up so early because the four of them sleep like starfish and I’ve spent most of the night being pushed off the bed. I guess the smell of fried spam and baked beans will wake them. I’ve got some bread proving next to the stove. I’ll get that cooking in a minute. That smell will definitely wake them all.

10am Ashley did a very thorough job on the zombies last night. Every one of them has its skull smashed. There is bits of brain all over the gate and driveway. I’ve left Ash clearing the mess and dragging them onto the tarps ready to take to the school. Rob is putting the cows out. We’re keeping the pigs in their stable because they are a pain to get back out of the field. We haven’t had chance to work on their sty yet. Alison came with me and the girls to feed the chickens and muck out. We had a talk about the plan of action. I told her straight we couldn’t support her staying here unless she does her share. She’s fine with that. I don’t think she wants to stay for too long. Our first job after dumping the bodies is to go back to where she left her friend and see if she’s still there. If she is and is not injured we’ll bring her back with us. If she’s bitten she stays. Alison understands this. She filled me in on what’s going on further away. We’ve seen smoke a few times over the last few days and apparently there has been a big fire in Ruthin. Alison came from not far from us, we’ve probably passed each other at Asda, I’m surprised we don’t have any mutual friends. She and Becci work together and had holed up at the cafe where they work when things went bad. They only left because the food ran out and the smell was getting bad. There’s only so many times you can throw a bucket of poo out of the window before the smell comes inside. I’m surprised they survived as long as they did being in town. She said they kept quiet, ate little, drank cola from the chiller and hoped nobody would find them. I asked her about the army evacuations. She said they never came to Flint where she worked. Strange, it’s only 6 miles from our house. Anyway the roads were clear all the way here except for a big multi-car pile-up just outside Mold. That wasn’t there when we left so there must be more survivors, if they survived the crash that is.

After we sorted the animals out and had the bodies in the tarps we all joined forces to throw them into the trailer. We’re just having a brew now before we go. We have 2 days coffee left. 6 days sugar, plenty of tea, fresh milk from the cow (which I still refuse to drink) and maybe a month of powdered milk. I want to use this trip to dump the bodies to rescue Becci – if possible – and also to find some supplies. If Alison (and Becci) choose not to stay I can’t send them away empty-handed. I’ll make sure they have some food and drink and warm clothes, something to defend themselves and then they’re on their own. Oh I guess we can help them find a car too. What a lovely distraction from our troubles with Mair Griffiths.

6pm We dumped the bodies at the school. There was more evidence of scavengers today. One of the first batch has had its leg pulled off and dragged across the yard. We chucked it back to its body. It’s starting to smell pretty bad there now. Rob had his usual bad smell issues and spent most of the time standing at the opposite end of the yard being sick. The girls stayed in the landrover listening to cds. it’s the only time we get music and what cd gets played causes some bitter arguments. As the driver I have the final word of course. We had Queens greatest hits today. Once we had the bodies out of the trailer and the tarp folded up again – ready for tomorrow probably – we made our way to where Becci should be hiding. We had to go back to our farm so Alison could retrace her steps. it took a little while but we found the farm around 4 miles away. It was the second farm we tried when we came here, the one with the broken windows and zombies in the living room. No bloody wonder they found them so quickly when it went dark. We went straight to the barn. I’d locked the girls in the landrover with the cd playing and instructions to beep the horn if they saw any zombies. Alison started shouting Becci. After maybe 30 seconds we heard the trapdoor to the hayloft slam open. Another blonde head poked out. “oh thanks christ” she said. Ashley grabbed the ladder from the floor and balanced it at the opening of the trapdoor. Becci climbed down and hugged Alison. We all introduced ourselves. Becci was obviously not injured and apart from having some straw in her hair looked amazingly fresh. Alison was telling her how she’d found us when the landrover’s horn beeped a very long beep. We ran out of the barn to find zombies surrounding the landy and the girls inside crying with terror. Thank goodness we’d had the sense to take out weapons out with us. We couldn’t believe they were out in the sunlight. They were pounding thier fists on the windows so violently the whole vehicle was moving. “Get back in the loft” I shouted as we ran towards the landy. Alison and Becci ran up that ladder and kicked it down so fast they were almost a blur.

We stopped around 10 paces from the landy. Rob and Ash at either side of me. “I can’t shoot them, if I miss I might hit the girls” I said. “You won’t miss” said Rob. I brought the rifle into my shoulder and said “I’ll take out a few then you get the rest” and lined up my first shot. I’ve always been better with moving targets and managed to drop the first one with no trouble. the others turned to look at us. We must have looked like a better meal than the two little girls and they started to walk towards us. I reloaded the rifle as fast as I could and took another one down. 7 paces away now. I got the next round in and told Rob and Ash to go batter one each as soon as I fire then run straight back and to go for the outside zombies so they didn’t get surrounded. I picked the biggest one and shot him in the head. As soon as I pulled the trigger they ran. Rob to the left, ash to the right. I cracked the rifle as I jogged back a few meters, and had reloaded before they got back to me. I fired off another shot and they ran back to the now shrinking group of zombies. Again they took out one each from the edge of the group and ran back as I reloaded.I fired another shot at a female zombie but missed this time. Rob and Ash didn’t waste a second and made their third trip back to the approaching group but they’d wised up to our pattern this time. Ash managed to get his crowbar right into the skull of his target, Rob being a foot shorter didn’t quite make it. The zombie deflected the crowbar with its arm. I saw its arm flop over, obviously badly broken but it never missed a step. It turned towards Rob with its mouth open and tried to grab him. Rob swung the crowbar but couldn’t get enough momentum. He caught it in the ribs but there wasn’t enough power behind it. The zombie caught hold of his jacket and lunged at him. Ashley hadn’t seen any of this happening and was on his way back to me. I shouted “Help Rob” and Ash spun around. “shit!” he gasped as he turned to go back to Rob. I fired off a shot at the zombie furthest away from Rob and Ash and reloaded as fast as I could while running back away from them. I turned and shot another. Perfect eye shot. The zombie dropped forwards as its legs gave way and tripped the one next to it. There were 3 more left not including the one trying to eat Rob. I desperately tried to reload as quickly as I could and ended up dropping my round. I got another from my pocket, cursing myself and loaded up. By now the three remaining zombies had noticed Rob and Ash and were turning away from me towards them. The zombie still had a hold of Rob. Ashley couldn’t get a head shot at it with his crowbar for fear of hitting Rob so he was hammering at its back, desperately hoping to damage it’s spine and immobilise it. I took out one of the three others and reloaded. When I looked back up to take aim the remaining two had hold of Ash. I closed my eyes for a second and said a quiet prayer before shooting the one with it’s back to me. It dropped like a sack. Ashley spun around to face the zombie that had now got a grip of his shirt. Again it was too close quarters to swing his crowbar so he shoved it as hard as he could. I was shaking as I reloaded and didn’t even hear the landrover door open. I couldn’t get a shot at either of the zombies so I started running towards the struggling group, ready to batter the attackers with the butt of the rifle when I heard Carys screaming “Nooooooooo!”


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  1. goose bumps!! get back in the f*****g car!!!!

  2. I’m too scared to read any further……gulp!

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