Diary: 2015 February PART 15.

24th Feb

8am We’ve just had a light breakfast and me and Ash are having a bravery smoke now before we go out and tackle the bodies from last night. Not looking forward to it. Didn’t get much sleep and just want to go to bed and forget all about them. We’re going to load up the transit van and the trailer. I’m going to tow the trailer with the landrover and Ash will drive the transit. We’re taking them to the school playground again. First we’ve got the animals to sort out. Got to put the cows and pigs into the field. Better get to it.

11am We’ve loaded up the bodies and are having a quick brew before we go. It’s taken us 2 and a half hours to load them all up. Not all of them were totally dead. We dragged each one clear of the pile and gave it a poke. The first 5 or 6 were ok but then one tried to bite Rob as we were moving it. After that we gave them all a good smack on the head with the crowbar before we tried to lift them. It’s surprising how easily you can dent a skull when you set your mind to it. I think we might start taking a machete to the back of their necks from now on just to be extra sure, cut the buggers spinal cords, see them walk then. Time to go. busy busy.

1pm Tired! We drove to the school with no problems. Didn’t see anyone on the way. We put the bodies in a line along the playground, next to the last lot. So far we’ve killed 41. It didn’t take too long really but they are so heavy! Dead weight I suppose. When we arrived there were loads of crows on the older bodies. There have obviously been some scavengers feasting on them. They all have their eyeballs missing, I’m not sure if that’s natural decomposition, I know the eyes decompose pretty quickly. My bet is the crows have had them. A couple had been ripped up a bit. Mainly from the belly area. Not very nice. They’d been pretty effectively disembowelled. I’m presuming this is foxes, maybe badgers? I’m not sure. Could be dogs. It worries me because we still don’t know for sure how the infection spreads. There could be a small army of infected animals now for all we know. On the way back we saw a dead sheep at the side of the road. there wasn’t much left, just its fleece, skull and hooves. I think the zombies must have caught it. The fleece was a pretty uniform blood-red. I’m quite surprised they managed to catch a sheep, they’re pretty fast even if they are spectacularly dumb. The zombies must have lucked out to get that one unless it was ill or injured. We made a slight detour past the Griffiths farm on the way home. We saw John in the front field, he was fiddling around with his tractor. We waved as we passed and he waved back so we pulled over and shouted to him. We asked if everything was alright after hearing shots over the past couple of nights. He said everything was fine. We told him we’d had a fair-sized group last night and he said he hadn’t had too many. Seems funny to me because he’s been shooting plenty in the night-time. Either he’s lying or he’s a crap shot. I asked after Mair and the boys. He said everything was fine again and got into his tractor. End of conversation. I’m not keen on him. I don’t feel like he’s being honest with us. I respect that he values his privacy, I do too but right now we could do with looking out for each other. It’s his choice, I’m quite sure we have more supplies than he does although he has more experience of farming and living in the middle of nowhere. If only he’d work with us we could really help each other. Oh well. I’m meant to be cooking us some dinner right now but I don’t think any of us feel much like eating. The girls had a tin of hot dogs between them and are now playing upstairs. Ashley and Rob are taking a turn at milking the cows. My mind is racing. Something is not right with John Griffiths and I don’t know what. It’s bothering me. I’m going to clean the kitchen and have a think.

1.30pm I started to clean the kitchen and I found a note behind the door. It must have been put through the letterbox and been pushed behind the door when we opened it. It says:


Dear Sian


I need help.

Meet me at the boathouse on Llyn Aled at 5pm today.

Please don’t tell anybody.

You’re the only one I can ask.




I have to go of course. I like Mair, even though I’ve barely been able to speak to her. Whatever help she needs I’ll do my best for her. I wonder when she came here? Obviously while we were out but John never seems to let her out on her own. I’m taking the rifle with me just in case but my gut tells me there’s no danger except that it will be going dark shortly after 6pm so it will need to be a short visit to get home while it’s still fairly light.

4.15pm Am going to leave to meet Mair in a minute. Rob is not impressed. He and Ash think it’s some sort of trap. I can’t imagine what anyone would be trying to trap me or us for. I’m going anyway and nobody will stop me. My gut tells me this is a genuine cry for help.

7pm I met Mair at the boat house at 5pm on the dot. She came on foot across the fields. Not bad for someone who was meant to have sprained their ankle 4 days ago. She looked very nervous and was very on edge. She had a hell of a black eye. She told me John had hit her, that he’d hit her for years. She swore he never hurts the boys. She told me that when John came asking for bandages it was because one of the boys – Bryn, the eldest was injured by zombies. John had been shooting them through the window. Bryn was keeping watch at another window and one broke through the glass and grabbed his arm. He had a pretty nasty cut from the broken glass and a small bite mark. My heart sank when she said that.

I asked her how badly bitten he was. She said it had barely broken his skin. I asked if he was acting differently. She looked at me, I could see it in her eyes that he was affected by the bite. She said that the glass cut was looking infected and he seemed to have a slight fever. The bite mark looked ok but his eyes were sore. He couldn’t stand the light so they kept his room dark. He became weak over a few hours and was confined to bed, he refused food and water. She was worried he may have meningitis because of his dislike of the light but he showed no other symptoms. They put him to bed that night and were woken the next morning by little Dewi screaming. Bryn had got out of bed and bitten Dewi on the leg. John restrained him while Mair bathed the bite wound. Bryn wasn’t talking by then, just grunting and growling. They assumed he was delirious. John insisted on tying him on to his bed for his own protection. Since then little Dewi has come down with the same thing. Photophobia followed by aggression and loss of speech. She says they act drugged. Neither will drink but they are both eating now. They’ve had to put their mattresses and blankets in the cellar because they can’t stand the light and they are keeping the door locked so they can’t bite anyone else.

I asked her what she wanted me to do. She said that she knows in her heart that they are infected, she said they have become animals. She wants to put them out of their misery but John won’t allow it. She’s scared and doesn’t know what to do. I can’t imagine what she must be feeling. I said that maybe we could distract John somehow so she could do what was needed. She shook her head and told me that she can’t bring herself to kill her babies – even if they’re not her boys anymore. She wants us to do it for her.


When I got home I didn’t tell Rob and Ash what had been said between us. I told them I’d explain when the girls go to bed. I really don’t know what to do. I want to help her. I think it is probably the right thing to do, to end their suffering. They are not boys anymore they are animals – monsters even. All the way home all I could think of is “what if it were my girls?”. I hope I’d be as strong as Mair and accept what needed to be done but I don’t honestly know if I could. Another consideration is how would we get in there to kill them and what would John do afterwards? He is not a nice man, I wasn’t surprised to hear he hits Mair, he really seems the type. He would be dangerous. What would happen to Mair afterwards? He’d quite probably kill her himself and if not I don’t doubt he’d beat her pretty badly. I need to talk to Rob and Ash about it.

11pm It’s been quiet tonight. No zombies. maybe the group we killed last night were the last in the area, it’s not heavily populated around here which is why we chose this location. It’s given us a chance to talk about Mair and John. We all want to help her but we’re worried about John. Rob thinks we should do away with him too and let Mair come and live here with us. She still has her middle boy, Rhys, to consider. Although I was pretty determined we we’re going to stick as a family and not make a community I’m happy to make an exception in these circumstances. Mair is a farmers wife, from farming stock, she’d be a useful addition. I need to talk to her again. She said she’d be in contact when she is able. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

11.10pm I can hear someone shouting outside. It sounds like a woman. None of the zombies we’ve seen so far have made any sounds approaching speech. I’m pretty certain it’s not Mair. It’s too dark to see anything. Rob is getting the big torches but I don’t really want to draw attention to ourselves, but if there is someone out there right now they could be in serious trouble.


Someone is running up the driveway. I can just make out their silhouette, they’ll reach the gate in a minute.


2 Responses to “Diary: 2015 February PART 15.”

  1. Did you have to use the name John for that drongo?

    Who’s the new Sheila I wonder….

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