Diary: 2015 February PART 14.

23rd Feb

10am We had a good look around after our visitors last night. They don’t seem to have done any damage, the animals are ok  but they’ve kicked the bloody straw around the yard a bit and tracked sandy bloody footprints around which to be fair didn’t take much clearing up. We’re going to park the vehicles in front of the animals tonight. The trailer can go in front of the chickens and we’ll block the cows and pigs in with the transit and landy. We had been blocking the gate into the yard with them but it’s obviously not working. We had a chat over breakfast and we’ve decided that if they come again tonight I’m going to try shooting them. I think the .22 rifle should handle a head shot at fairly close range, if it can’t then I’ll go for leg shots and try to immobilize them so we can go and bash their heads when it gets light. We are not fighting them in the dark. No way.

Our main job today is to start preparing the veg beds. I’ve stored the animal poo we’ve had so far and we’re going to start a manure pile for the veg. There’s not really anything for me to plant right now, just preparation. I think me and the girls might take a walk down the field with a box and try to collect some old cow pats to use until our manure rots a little.

Oh and I need to have a go at milking these damned cows. I’ve been reading the farming almanac for some tips. Carys wants a try too. I’ve had 2 metal buckets from the kitchen filled with sterilizing fluid since I started making breakfast, ready to fill with milk. The poor cows look uncomfy and full and I think if we don’t milk them they could stop producing milk and even get ill. I don’t want that! If I can get enough milk I’m going to have a crack at making butter.

Oh the girls have just walked in with their dad and a handful of eggs! I’m surprised the chickens are laying with all the stress they’ve had. I guess I’d better stop dawdling and get some work done.

3pm I’m so tired! My back is breaking after all the digging we’ve done. We’ve prepared 4 big beds for planting veg, a herb bed and a salad bed. Normally I’d grow salad in the gaps of the veg beds but we have so much room I’ve treated myself. Carys and Seren collected sticks with Ash and helped him to tie strings to them and mark out where my rows will be. He sawed off some lengths of wood from the tool shed and they made little labels for when the seeds go in. It’s going to look lovely. Rob spent the morning collecting wood and wire fencing to make a coop and run for the chickens. He’s decided he wants to dig up some fencing and move it to make a run for the pigs. We let the pigs and the cows out into the field with us for the day, we’ll have to bring them back in this evening though. The cows seem pretty used to being moved around. The pigs are a little more opinionated. We may have issues getting them back in. The zombies may have bacon for tea.

While we were doing our gardening we saw loads of rabbits. I had the rifle with me and managed to get 4 as we worked, a nice free meal. It’s good to get some practise in too, I’m glad my aim is still ok but it’s not what it was. It’ll come back to me in a few weeks I’m sure. I have the rabbits in a big stew pot now. Getting them gutted was not fun. Skinning them was not too bad. I got Rob and Ashley to come and have a lesson on prepping rabbits. Carys wanted to try so I cut off the feet and head and made the incision up the abdomen so she wouldn’t pierce the stomach and let her and Seren peel the skin off one. Rob was looking a little green  right from the start and retched a few times, especially when it came to pulling out the intestines but he did well and carried on. Ash did really well too, I think he could do it alone next time. I didn’t bother to joint the carcasses, I just threw them in to the pot whole, The meat will just fall off after a couple of hours boiling. If I can manage to make butter later I’m going to make some potted rabbit which should last weeks unopened. We’re not short on jars, the lady of the house seemed to collect useful things too.

I managed to get a bucket of milk from each cow this morning, well… 3/4 of a bucket each. I’d read up in the almanac about milking cows and we took the big book into the barn with us, Me Carys and Seren. I sat an a straw bale with the bucket under the first cow which Carys has called Daisy. She looked quite relieved to be milked! Carys read the instructions to me while I tried milking. It took a few tries to get the technique but we got there in the end. Daisy was very patient. Seren has named the other cow Rosie. Rosie was also very patient while I milked her. Once we’d got flowing I let Carys have a try, she did it first time! I think she is born to be a dairy farmer. Seren wanted a go too but her hands are too small and I think Rosie thought we were taking the piss a bit by now. I took the milk back indoors and have put it in the cellar to separate. Hopefully in the morning I’ll have cream and skimmed milk.

7pm Our first sign of zombies has come earlier than ever tonight. It was getting to dusk and as I was hanging the blankets on the windows I noticed some movement on the road. There are maybe 20 of them milling about at the end of the driveway. We’d only just got in from bringing the bloody pigs in. I swear if they want to stay out tomorrow they can. It’s a good job we got in when we did because these zombies are maybe 10 metres from where we were standing 15mins ago. I have the rifle ready and we’re all upstairs keeping a watch in all directions. As soon as they get close enough I’ll start shooting.

7.15pm They are really slowly coming up the drive in groups of 4 or 5. it’s gone dark really quickly and it’s difficult to see well. We have no candles lit tonight so I can preserve my night vision for shooting. All of the upstairs windows are open slightly and it’s bloody freezing so we all have our coats on but I can’t shoot in gloves and my hands are like ice. I’m having a quick smoke to calm my nerves while I wait for Rob to tell me they’ve reached the gate. That’s my point to start shooting. Lets hope none come through the fields and over the back gate or I’m going to be running across the house trying to shoot them.

10pm I think we’ve got them all. They had to stop when they reached the gate. I was able to pick them off fairly easily when they were trying to climb over it. I did miss a few times but I must admit I’m impressed with the little rifle. It’s difficult to see how much damage was done because  it’s quite cloudy tonight and very dark, we’ll have to be very careful when we move them tomorrow. I think I heard shooting from the Griffiths farm too, they must have had visitors aswell. None came through the field to the back gate. We’re sleeping upstairs tonight just in case they come again and we don’t wake. I reckon we’ll hear them before they get in the house but we’re all so tired tonight I’m not totally sure.

11pm I’ve just come downstairs to make a brew, we had another couple at the gate just after I last wrote. I managed to pick them off before they got over the pile of bodies which is now making a rather good ramp up to the gate. We’re going to have a hell of a job clearing them in the morning.

11.30pm Ash has come downstairs with me. There is lots of shooting coming from the Griffiths farm and it’s woken him up. Rob and the girls are all fast asleep. We’re both wide awake so we’ve decided to have a go at churning some butter. We have no churn. We’re going to try spoons. Ash is ladling the cream off the top of the milk into a different bucket which I sterilised earlier. The big black and white cat that turned up the other night was at the window again just now so we’ve let him in and he’s curled up next to the stove getting warm. I hope it stays long enough for the girls to meet it. I might tempt it with some rabbit meat. I washed out all the empty tins we’ve used while the kettle boiled earlier and while one of us stirs the cream the other is going to make holes in the bottom of each tin so we can attach strings to them. We’re going to hang them around like wind chimes to alert us to people prowling around, we just need to find the right spots for them. We’ve been talking about home tonight in between shooting zombies. Wondering where our families are, how they are coping, if they are even alive. We’re slowly coming to terms with never seeing our family or friends again. It’s difficult but I think if we kid ourselves that they’re alright then we’re just storing up the hurt for another day. Better deal with it now and find a way to carry on. This is our life now.

We’re farmers, hunters, protectors.






3 Responses to “Diary: 2015 February PART 14.”

  1. Please keep writing. Excellent story.

  2. I’m having internet issues. Part 15 will be posted as soon as I can get online again


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