Diary: 2015 February PART 13.

Feb 22nd

7am I’ve been up for 2 hours already. Thinking. What on earth are we going to do with the bodies? I don’t really want to burn them as the smoke will advertise our presence to anyone who cares to look and it’ll waste our wood. We could bury them but digging a grave big enough for 5 adults – in February – I know the ground has thawed a fair bit in the last few days but it’s still not  job I look forward to. Leaving the bodies out somewhere will help them decompose quicker. There were some tarps out in the biggest of the outbuildings. I think we should wrap them up and take them somewhere out of the way then dump them. When they have rotted down we can bury the bones. I can’t help feeling like we should show them some respect, they were people not so long ago. It’s coming light now, I’d better call everyone down for breakfast.

2.30pm We went into the end stable around 8.30am and had a little look at our handiwork. I must admit we made quite a mess of those zombies. Not having ever clubbed someone to death or embedded an axe into someones head I am surprised how badly injured they are. I was also surprised at the lack of blood in the yard where we killed them. The stable was a different matter altogether. We’d pretty much dragged them by their feet and I guess we got gravity to empty them for us. The stable floor is pretty much flooded and already there are flies gathering. We got ourselves some rubber gloves, old clothes and the last of my decorating boiler suits, I had plenty of disposable face masks so we put them on too with a good thick spread of vicks on the inside – they smell pretty bad already. I left the girls in the house and made Carys lock the door. Rob was heaving at the first look, he’s really not good with smells. Me and Ash went into the stable and each grabbed an ankle of the first body. We dragged him out onto the tarp Rob had spread in the doorway then went to get the next body.

“wait, how will we carry all 5 of them?” Rob had a point. None of us had considered this. We dragged the body back off the tarp and I backed the transit up to the stable door. “coulda just left it here!” It was only 10 mins earlier I’d driven it away from the door. We laid the tarp in the back of the van then went back to the first body. “Arms or legs Ash?” He went for legs. We swung the first man into the back of the van, it was harder work than we thought it’d be. Rob said he thought he could do the leg end so him and Ash got the biggest guy and threw him into the van next while I tried to drag the others by the ankles to the doorway. Once they were all loaded in we wrapped the tarp around them and closed the van doors. I opened the windows to let the air flow and try to keep the smell to a minimum. I went into the straw barn and got half a bale of straw and scattered it on the floor to soak up some of the blood. Ash and Rob got into the van and drove away. We’ve decided to put the bodies on the yard of the farm we went to on the way here that was already full of zombies. They can eat their mates and hopefully poison themselves. While they were gone I got a big rake and moved the straw around on the floor to try to soak the blood up a bit more but I was failing badly. I wished I had some of that powdery stuff the army had used, I wonder what it was?

When Rob and Ash got back I had the best surprise which totally made up for bringing home cows when they were meant to get petrol. They’d picked up sand bags from the roadside. I brushed the straw to the doorway and spread the sand over the stable floor. We left it to soak up the blood and went for a brew. The girls had been playing inside happily all this time. We knocked on the door for Carys to unlock it and when she came she had a huge grin on her face. “Look what we found Mummy” she said, holding a huge book so big I don’t know how she lifted it. It is the “Farmers Almanac – for good farming practice” I put it down on the dining table and told her I needed to get changed out of my dirty clothes and then I’d look at it and that it looked wonderful. The girls came with me while I was changing and told me they’d found the book in their bedroom under a bed. Even though we’re all still sleeping together in the living room they have all their toys in their room and love to play in there. “There’s another box but I can’t move it” Carys told me. “Go tell your Dad to get it” I said and Carys and Seren ran off down the stairs to get him. I shouted after them not to run down the stairs. With no hospitals a broken leg could well be a fatal injury now.

I heard Rob stomping up the stairs and Ash called from downstairs that the kettle was boiled. I went down to the dining room and opened the almanac. It is amazing. It tells you pretty much everything you need to know about farming, when to plant and harvest crops, how to care for your animals – everything. The best part is it must be well over 70 years old so there is no mention of using any big machines. Perfect. Rob came down after a lot of banging and dragging upstairs with a big dark wood box. I opened it as soon as he laid it on the table. It is packed full of seeds. I could have cried. I brought some seeds but not nearly enough. These are all new packets and modern too. Obviously the previous people here bought their seeds over the winter ready to plant in spring. There was a nice varied mix of veg and with the book I had a good idea of when to plant, rather than reading the back of seed packets.

We’re going to mark out the veg beds in a minute. I can feel a shopping trip coming on for more seeds. I want to grow some wheat and corn which I don’t have seeds for.

11.45pm We heard more zombies around tonight but haven’t seen any. I wonder what they’re up to. I don’t think I’ll sleep much until it’s light now. I have my machete next to me. I can hear them moving around outside but I can’t see a thing, we’re still putting blankets over the windows at night so we can have a candle burning and I don’t want to chance moving the curtains or blowing out the candle.


I can definitely hear them in the yard.



I think they’re trying to get to the chickens, they’re making a right racket.



They’re gone. I think. Not sleeping now.


2 Responses to “Diary: 2015 February PART 13.”

  1. Hell yeah for the almanac…

    You nearly sound like you speak from experience with killing zombies UKZ… Keep up the blood and guts… and as our friend Leo would say “Keep on surviving”

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