Diary: 2015 February PART 10.

16th Feb 2015 cont’d

11am The man/zombie is still in the garden, we can’t decide what to do with him so we’re leaving him there for now, if nothing else it’ll give us a chance to see if we killed him properly. It’s turning out really quite sunny today, the snow from yesterday is melting fairly quickly which is a good sign. We’ve decided we’re definitely going to leave tomorrow. Ash, Rob and me have been loading up the Landrover and the Transit van ready to leave, Carys and Seren are helping in the way only young girls can. We’re not going to run out of dolls any time soon! We’re packing everything we can carry as we don’t really know where we’ll end up. We’re hoping to find an empty farmhouse. Thanks to my preparations I not only have ordinance survey maps of the whole of North Wales but I have satellite images from google maps already printed out and laminated in my survival file, I always planned to head for Llyn Aled in an emergency. I’d marked all the houses that could be suitable with highlighter so we know where to look. In a 20 square mile area there are maybe 10 houses (not including the small village of Pentrefoelas) so our choices are limited but it’s so remote up there I reckon even the village will be fairly empty. Let’s hope the evacuations got that far into the hills. I can’t wait to have fresh water, am sick of fizzy drinks! Well I’m meant to be getting food for us but instead I’m writing and I think I’m going to get caught and told off so I’d better move myself.

11.40pm There are 4 zombies in the back garden trying to untangle the one we killed. They are trying to eat him through the wire. All they are doing is mangling their faces and hands. I’m glad it’s so dark, this must be the first night I haven’t missed the streetlights, I really don’t want to see what mess they are making of themselves, it’s making me feel sick just thinking about it.


17th Feb 2015

8.15am We’ve been up since before 6am, the dawn chorus was loud! I could hear dogs barking all night, it made me think of all the poor animals that must be locked in their homes, I’m pretty sure most will have starved by now and having seen what happened to the dog across the road I don’t think it’s unlikely that the ones who managed to get loose will have been eaten, but there are definitely some around still.

We had a look outside earlier at the remains of the zombie in the chicken wire. He’s still dead. There are chunks of him missing where the others managed to get the wire away. it’s pretty gruesome and it smelled awful.

Anyway, we’ve been having a last look at the maps today. I’m keeping the satellite maps with me in the landy, we all know the route we’re taking so all the maps except the one of the area we’re going to will be packed with the last of the stuff just before we leave. We’ve decided on what order we’re going to visit the houses we’ve picked out as potential bases and have picked a meeting point just in case we get separated for some reason. I’m going to go in front as I know the area better, Ash will follow me in the transit van. We’re going to take a chance and try to drive through Mold town centre. It seems fairly safe in daylight so we’d like to get a look if anything is going on there. The first sign of any activity and we’re getting out. If Mold is quiet we’re going to try and get to the gun shop in Ruthin as we pass through, if there is any danger in Mold we’ll bypass Ruthin entirely and stay on the back roads. If all is quiet we can drive to Llyn Aled in an hour as the roads are looking pretty clear. We’re just waiting for the girls to finish their breakfast and we’ll make a move.

11am We have stopped for some food. We set off around 8.40am and drove straight to Mold. We saw nobody. The local shops look pretty much intact but the village library windows are broken. When we got into the town centre there were some broken shop windows but not as many as we expected, it seemed to be mainly the takeaways that had been broken into. Maybe the zombies could smell the kebabs? That gave us a bit of a laugh at the time. The book shops and clothing stores were untouched but the chemists windows were smashed. We found B&M untouched so we decided to do a little looting. Of all the shops in town I thought the discount-sell-everything one would have gone already. We got through the glass panel door with no problem. Rob stayed with the girls while me and Ash went inside with torches. It smelled horrible, the little bit of fresh food they stock was rotten but everything else was fine, we came back out and backed the transit right up onto the path as close to the doors as we dared. We grabbed baskets and began emptying the shelves of all the tinned foods, dry foods, sweets, drinks and anything vaguely edible. We threw the full baskets into the back of the transit then moved to the next aisle and began grabbing baskets full of soaps, handwash, sanitizer, deodorants, anything that may prove useful. Once this was done we moved on to the aisles of stuff, the kind of thing you buy and then don’t know what to do with it. We got hand mirrors, storage boxes, screwdriver kits, mini fire extinguishers, gloves, socks, and finally some toys – can’t forget the girls. Once all this was loaded up we made one final trip in to get the alcohol. None of us are big drinkers but someone out there might be and I want something to barter with. Added to the stuff we looted from the local shops before we went to the army camp we had an alcoholics dream in the van. We drove the van across the road to the McColls newsagents and smashed the doors there. Again we went in with torches to check it was clear then as there were no shopping baskets we filled plastic bags with every single item on the tobacco stand. Again it smelled foul. The milk chiller was filled with bottles of cheese which had burst and spilled their contents out like fat white sausages – which were now covered in green fur. We grabbed a few handfuls of chocolate bars and left before the smell made us gag.

We were very pleased with our haul and on the drive to Ruthin we chatted using the walkie talkies we’d got in Asda on our looting trip. We decided to stop off in Ruthin to try the gun shop as the Mold trip had gone so well. When we got there I had to stop and have a think, I couldn’t remember exactly where it was. After a couple of laps of the trading estate we found it. We’d seen the blackened shell of a business unit and thought little of it, we’d passed a fair few burned houses on the way. Unfortunately for us the burnt out building was the remains of the gun shop. We had a little poke around in the remains but there was nothing left. We got back in the vehicles and made our way here to Llyn Aled.

We’re pulled over to get some food and a drink before we make a start on finding a house. We still haven’t seen a soul. We did see some dogs, mainly rooting through the remains of shredded bin bags. Rob and the girls are laughing at something. It’s lovely to hear them laugh. Ash has wandered off a bit for some “private time”, he has taken the rifle – even though he’s never fired it.

3pm Well that was fun! The first house on our list was burned down. The second had all the windows broken so me and Rob decided to have a little lookie. One quick shine of the torches was enough to get us running back down the driveway. the living room had maybe 15 zombies curled up on the floor. They did not like our torches but funnily enough we ran faster than they did. When we got back to the landrover we were laughing madly and Ashley was straight on the radio asking what was so funny. We really couldn’t tell him because I don’t think we knew ourselves.

The third house on our list looked perfect as we parked at the end of the driveway. The big farm gates were locked closed. Rob stayed with the girls this time and me and Ash went for a little look. We got maybe halfway up the driveway when we were faced with a big farmer and his big shotgun. We stopped and put our hands up – still holding our torches and this time after the last little scare we were also holding a crowbar each. “We’re friendly” Ash shouted to the man. “Lay down your weapons” he said – pointing his shotgun straight at us. We slowly put our crowbars on the gravel and stood back up. “whaddya want?” He asked. I told him we were just looking for somewhere safe to shelter and we didn’t realise the house had people in it already. I apologised and said we’d leave. He asked how many of us there were. We told him just me and Ash and that my husband and kids were back at the car. we asked if he knew of any empty houses we could use. He said he hadn’t gone around checking houses – he was too busy protecting his own family. We could see a woman and three small boys standing in the doorway of the farmhouse. I asked him if he needed any supplies, that we didn’t have much but if we could help we’d try. He very politely told us to **** off his land and never show our faces again. We decided to follow his advice and left at a much greater speed than we’d arrived at.

The fourth house on our list was also undamaged, after our less than friendly reception at house number three we proceeded with a bit more caution this time. We looked through the windows and saw nothing, we checked the out outbuildings and again found nothing. In the yard there was a hand water pump, really old, we tried it and after a few pumps a small gush of water came out. “if this place is empty then it’s perfect” I said. Food we had plenty of but water was a problem. Rob was just about to force the back door with my crowbar when I stopped him. I spent a minute checking under flower pots around the door, when I lifted the heavy brush doormat I found what I was looking for. I stood up and unlocked the door, turned to Rob and smiled smugly “always check for a key”.

Once inside the smell hit us. We’d come through the back door into the kitchen. All the fresh food was now a mix of green and white fluffy mould and dripping patches of rotten juices. The fridge was the worst. the moisture had been kept in and when we opened it a cloud of spores blew out at us. Ash fanned the back door to try and clear the smell. rob had to stand outside with Carys and Seren as the smell was too much for him. I went to the transit van and empties a shopping basket then covered my mouth and nose with my coat and went back into the kitchen to start collecting up the rotten food. it took me 20 minutes to get it all out. In this time Rob had been mooching about in the back of the van and appeared in the doorway with some cloths and a bottle of bleach. In the meantime Ashley had been exploring the rest of the house. There are coal fires in every room and an old wood burning stove in the kitchen. There is a gas range too but that is just an expensive ornament these days. The whole house is pretty old-fashioned. The previous owners were elderly by the looks of the photos on the walls. They had a beautiful family, daughters of their own. I hope they wouldn’t mind us using their home to protect our girls.

11pm The girls are fast asleep. rob is sleeping on the sofa, Ash is upstairs in the girls room with them. I’m in the kitchen. I’ve had a look around and we unpacked much of the stuff from the vehicles. The boxes, bags and baskets are stacked up in the dining room. There are some small logs next to the stove. I’m going to surprise everyone with a cooked breakfast tomorrow, I think I’ve figured out how the stove will work. It’s so quiet here. A big black and white cat came earlier looking for food. I think he must have been the owners pet. He’s sitting on the chair next to me, purring loudly. We made friends when I fed him. I can’t wait until the girls find out we have a cat! Time for bed now though.


3 Responses to “Diary: 2015 February PART 10.”

  1. Nothing like a spring clean and a new pet to get things rolling.

  2. Every home needs a fat cat. It’s the law.

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