Diary: 2015 February PART 3.

6th Feb 2015 cont’d

10am Just woke up. Am outside in the back garden having a smoke. The men say nothing much happened while I was asleep. The girls are playing in their bedroom. Am still shaken up after last night, Pam’s house is a mess, all black and charred and still smoking slightly in places. What the hell happened last night? Zombies? It certainly looked like. I’ve been banging on about zombies for years but now it’s happening I can’t accept it’s real. I certainly don’t believe the dead are walking, but whatever illness is affecting them it’s making them act pretty strangely. What did we learn last night?

They are shamblers – this is good. I think if it were something like 28 days later we’d be dead already. I think we could out-run these guys pretty easily, they don’t seem very coordinated.

They don’t talk. I think this is good too, maybe it shows limited brain function. Whatever is affecting them is affecting their motor skills pretty harshly. If they don’t/can’t talk then are they still capable of rational thought? We’re going to have to watch and see. If their minds are compromised it might make it easier to avoid them and outsmart them.

They eat living flesh. Not good. Also this doesn’t say they ONLY eat living flesh. Maybe they were just trying to make the dog quiet?

They were attracted to the light in Pam’s house, but we haven’t seen them in daylight yet, only at night. This needs more thought.

I guess I’d better go make a start on lighting the wood oven in the garden. If I get it lit now I can start cooking just after midday. I don’t need it super hot. I have some bread mixes, I’ll get them mixed and set out to prove while the oven warms. Luckily the rain is holding off. It’s cold today but not showing any signs of rain or snow.

6pm Been busy today. Got 10 small loaves cooked in the oven. 2 were a little burned so we gave them to the chickens. I got all the meat from the freezer and cooked that too. It was all defrosted after the electric going off but still cold. I thought I’d best cook it before it spoils. Meat sandwiches for the rest of the week! I had a mooch about in the garden and checked on my root veg I planted last autumn, it’s coming along nicely. I also emptied every planter I could find and refilled with soil from the empty veg beds. I planted lettuce, spring onion, radish, spinach and some herbs. Every windowsill upstairs is packed with planters. We carried the dining table up into Mum and Dads room to fill with planters as it gets the most light. It’s been nice. Rob helped me plant stuff and Ashley and Paul cleared my mess in the kitchen. Carys spent much of the day playing with Seren but she did come and ask some pretty hard questions about our situation. I don’t know what to tell her. I don’t want to lie but she’s still so young. How can an 8yr old understand? I’m 33 and it makes no sense. She said Seren told her bad men are coming in the night. I KNOW she can’t have seen them, they were out front and she’s not tall enough to see out of the window, plus she’d have had to pass us to see anything. Even a little 4 yr old can’t sneak that well. She must have heard us talking.

11.30pm We’ve been talking about leaving again. The tannoy cars came around again just after I last wrote telling us to evacuate immediately. A few minutes later the army 4 tonners came along to pick up anyone wanting to leave. There were a few people I recognised in the back but not many. I guess most people have gone now. The helicopter is out again tonight but not so close. It sounds like there are fireworks in Mold, I’m guessing it’s gunshots.

7th Feb 2015

7am Made the everyone breakfast. Toast, boiled eggs and cold ham. The chickens are laying well despite the cold. I’m running short on gas so hot drinks are being rationed as of this morning. I need to get more or find another way of cooking indoors. If the rain stays off I’m going to experiment with boiling a big pan of water on the barbeque. That is another point, we’re going to get pretty low on water soon. I have a 6 month supply of puri-tabs in my stock but we still need to get enough water for 6 of us. We’re using the water in the rain butt on the garage roof for washing to save our supplies. I’m going to have a serious talk about moving from here. It’s going to be near impossible to sustain ourselves for more than a few more days.

2pm We’ve spent all day with maps on the floor trying to figure out our next move. The landy is ready to go and I’m not leaving it stocked up much longer. Am scared someone might steal our supplies. My original plan to go to Llyn Aled is pretty hard to beat as a location, it’s just getting there – that was always the weak point. We’ve decided to travel in 3 cars. Me, Rob and the girls in our Landy, Ash and Paul in seperate cars so we can carry more stuff. We’ve got to start again. Ash’s car is much too small and Paul’s car is at his house 20 miles away so I think we’re going to have to try and steal something. A bus would be good but I don’t know how possible that would be. I think we might take a short trip into town and see if there are any buses at the bus station. I don’t know where their depot is – or how to drive one – god how I miss google. I’d have googled answers to this mess by now I’m sure.

4pm The cheek of it! As I was writing earlier Paul came running downstairs to get us. We went to look through the window and saw a group of 5 soldiers going to each house, breaking the door down and going in. A few minutes later they’d come out with a big sack of stuff and leave it at the end of the driveway then move to the next house. We watched quietly until they got to next door then Paul and me went downstairs. Rob and Ash kept the girls upstairs out of the way and also kept lookout through the window. Paul guarded the back door and I stood at the front. As the soldiers came down the drive I opened the door and put my hands up. I said “don’t shoot” and hoped for the best. They were armed and I didn’t want to alarm them. There was a brief moment when all 5 went for their weapons and then hesitated. They did not shoot. I asked them what they were doing and the leader – a Sergeant (I didn’t recognise the cap badge so I don’t know what regiment) said that I should have been evacuated and they would radio for someone to come get me. I told him I wouldn’t leave. I asked again what they were doing and he told me “it’s classified” I told him it’s my house and they weren’t coming in without an explanation. He said the prime minister had declared martial law and I must let them in. I said if they told me what was going on, they could come in. We were obviously getting nowhere and the other soldiers were getting twitchy. One said “c’mon sarn’t just leave the mad cow”. The Sergeant turned to look at him then back at me and said “We’ll be back tomorrow. If you don’t let us in then, we won’t be so friendly” Then he started walking away, followed by the others. I thought about remarking that they weren’t being so friendly today but thought better of it. Instead I started some fake tears and half cried half shouted after them – “please tell me what is happening I’m so scared” The Sergeant didn’t look around but the last guy turned to look at me – he was younger than the others – “get away from here, please leave it’s not safe, they’ll kill you” he almost whispered before jogging a couple of steps to catch up with the others. I wanted to shout and ask who will kill us but I knew he’d said more than he should have already. I can’t stop thinking about it. Surely he can’t have meant the army? So that just leaves the others – the zombies.

10.50pm There is a lot of shooting somewhere close. The helicopter is on the way, I can hear it over the gunshots and I think I can see the light in the sky but it’s pretty cloudy.

11pm It was the helicopter I heard, but not the police one. I can’t tell properly because of it being so dark but I think it’s a chinook. It’s right over the fields at the top of the street, or maybe the bypass and it’s searchlight is reflecting on it’s underside. I swear there is firing coming from the chopper. We’re all watching from the bedroom window. The girls are in here with us because it’s too noisy for them to sleep

11.15pm Holy shit. There are people in the back gardens. It’s so dark I can’t tell if it’s people or zombies. Can see shapes moving around. We’re staying very quiet. I think I saw something moving around the clay oven. It’s painted white and I’m sure I saw a figure in front of it.

11.20pm Someone is banging on the back window. Thank god we barricaded downstairs. The girls are terrified. I’m putting the diary away so I can concentrate on keeping them quiet.


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    Seriously though… fake tears?? That sarge better shape up.

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