Diary: 2015 February PART 2.

4th Feb 2015

9am Didn’t get much sleep last night. Tried and failed. We need to do something. There’s nothing new being reported and we haven’t seen any police or army or anything since the tannoy car last night. Me and Ashley are thinking of unhitching the trailer and trying to get to a supermarket for supplies. If we get stopped we’re gonna say we need the pharmacy. I have one of Mums warfarin prescriptions. Hopefully that’ll stop us getting arrested. How we’ll explain the supplies in the back I don’t know but I’m not unpacking now. Rob wants to come with us but I’ve asked him and Paul to stay here with the kids just in case something happens. We don’t really need much stuff because I’ve been storing so much but more torches, batteries and over the counter meds are always useful. We’re gonna see if there are any walkie talkies in the kids section. I doubt there will be but it’s worth a look. We’d like to try Asda as it has more useful stuff but I don’t think we’ll get there.

12pm me and Ash managed to get to Asda. We saw a police car but it didn’t stop us. It flew past with lights and sirens. the store was closed but the shutters weren’t down. Nobody was around so we put my new crowbar to work on a side door. I think it’s where the McDonalds staff come out for a smoke. Inside the store was deserted. All the lights were on but nobody was home. It was pretty eerie. We grabbed some baskets from the checkouts and ran to the opposite end of the store and grabbed all the batteries, torches and sanitary products we could find along with every box of medication we could carry. We did get some toy walkie talkies but I don’t know how much use they’ll be. I grabbed some school books for Carys and Seren too. Who knows how long it’ll be until they get back to school, I’m not letting them get behind. Carys is a bright girl and even though Seren is only little she’s bright too. It’ll give me something to do aswell. A few lessons to break up the day. We dumped the baskets on the back seat and just as I was about to start the engine Ash jumped out and ran back in. He came back a couple of minutes later with his arms full of chocolate bars. I could have killed him but to be fair they’ll be more than welcome! Paul and Rob are messing with the walkie talkies now and putting batteries in the torches. I’m quietly contemplating another little mission seeing as this one went so well. If we need to defend ourselves at any point we’re gonna have a hard job. I’m thinking about weapons.

2pm Nothing new on the news. I suggested a little trip to the gun shop in Ruthin. It’s far away but the closest place to get firearms of any kind. I’ve been outvoted. If we leave we’ll be passing pretty close though and I’ll be driving. I will make a detour whether they like it or not. I don’t like this situation one bit. I feel very vunerable with no real means to protect ourselves.

7pm All quiet. Still nothing on the news. Is it all going to blow over?

5th Feb 2015

9.15am The news has been on a loop since about 10pm last night. All communications are still down. I’m really missing the internet. I can’t keep sitting around doing nothing. Mum and Dad reckon it’s all finished now but I’m not convinced. Why are there no new reports? Carys and Seren want to play outside and I can’t let them. They’re getting on my nerves, my already frayed nerves. We’re running low on smokes too. I’m going out for more later. I still feel bad for breaking into Asda but it occurred to me last night – why didn’t the alarms go off? It’s as if they staff just walked out and locked the doors. I bet there was still money in the tills.

9.45am We’re going shopping. This time Rob is insisting on coming with me so Ash and Paul are staying with the kids. We’re going to try the village shops. If they’re open I’m going to get all the cigarettes and tobacco I can afford. If they’re shut I’m gonna try to break in. I hate doing it but I’m going to justify it to myself by thinking it’s for the sake of my sanity. This whole situation is bad enough, no smokes would make it a real disaster.

10.15am Just back from the shop. Again we saw nobody (where is everyone?) the shops were all shut. I used to work at the small shop and had a fair idea of where the locks are on the back door so with Rob’s strength and my crowbar we got in quite easily. The alarm went off but they haven’t changed the code since I worked there. I managed to remember the code and disable the alarm before it went off properly. We crowbarred the locked cigarette cupboard open and took the entire contents. The alcohol was in there too so we took all the half bottles of spirits aswell. I hate alcohol but it might come in useful at some point. I grabbed a big box of paracetamol and a tray of calpol too. We chucked it all onto the back seat of the landy and came home.

12pm I was in the middle of cooking our lunch when the tannoy cars came around again. They are evacuating the area. We are to proceed calmly to the high school and congregate in the main hall. I don’t bloody think so. Mum and Dad are determined to go. I’ve pleaded with them to come with us but they won’t. They’re getting some food now and then going. I’m writing this outside while I have a smoke and a little cry. It’s all getting to me a bit now. In the space of a week everything has turned upside down. I’ve become a thief and I have a feeling today might be the last time I see my parents. They want to take the girls with them. I can’t allow that.

2.30pm Mum and Dad just left. Mum cried at leaving the girls. I can understand why they’re going. They need their medicines.

2.45pm Hearing gunshots again. The news just had a bulletin saying the prime minister will hold another press conference in 15 mins.

4pm Worst fears confirmed. The labs and factories targeted were indeed testing biological weapons. They have been “seriously compromised” by the bombs. People have been evacuated to prevent an outbreak of whatever illness they were playing with in there. It seems they were all working on the same thing. How the hell did the protesters find out? The whole of the UK has been closed, we knew that already. We are in quarantine, the whole bloody country, until they have the situation under control. Martial law has been declared. Anybody not willing or able to get to the safe points must stay indoors and leave their house for no reason. Nobody is allowed to let strangers into their homes. They say it is to reduce the chance of infection spreading. What infection is it? They are not telling us that bit. Hospitals are closed. Anyone needing urgent medical assistance must call 999 and wait.

5pm We’ve had a discussion and have decided to bunker down here at the house. We’re having a quick smoke and then taking the sheds apart to cover the windows. Rob and Paul don’t smoke so they are knocking a hole through to the garage from the stairs so we can access the garage without leaving the house. Gonna put the chickens in there. There are helicopters buzzing around and the fighters from the RAF base in Valley went over not so long ago. Got a feeling something is gonna happen.

7pm Just finished barricading the windows. An army truck came down the street earlier and tried to get us to come with them to “safety”. We refused. Luckily the girls were inside or I think they may have been more forceful. Am starting to think maybe we should have gone.

9pm More gunshots. Closer still tonight. What the hell is happening? The police helicopter is out with it’s searchlight on and it looks to be over Mold – 2 miles away. Worried.

10.45pm The helicopter is close now. We can hear it from indoors. It’s been coming and going all evening. The news channels have gone off. All that is on tv now is testcards and teleshopping. We’ve left the news channel on just in case.

5th Feb 2015

2am Somebody was outside. I heard footsteps on next door’s gravel drive. I didn’t think much about it until I heard our back gate rattling. It is chained. A few minutes later someone tried the front door handle, thank god we’d locked it. We can’t see through the windows now we’ve boarded them but the security light came on at the door. We heard a groan and then whoever was there went away. We went upstairs to look outside as the upstairs windows aren’t boarded up and there was a man walking down the street. He looked drunk. Maybe it was just a drunk. I doubt we’ll sleep much now. Thankfully the girls didn’t wake.

4am Someone outside again. We heard a car alarm and went upstairs for a lookie see. There was a man shuffling around down the street. He was going from house to house trying the doors. He tried ours and I almost pissed my pants. He looked like a walking corpse. For years I’ve taken the ribbings for my obsession with the possibility of zombies. Nobody is laughing now. Whatever was wrong with that guy is pretty bad. His eyes though. His eyes were dead. His body seemed ok, he just looked a bit drunk as he moved. Maybe it was the streetlights but he looked super pale – drained. He had big dark circles around his eyes. Maybe it was the same guy as before, I don’t know. Is this the illness they’re quarantining against? I hope not. I hope he’s just a sick drunk who forgot where he lives.

6am I’m going to try and sleep. The girls are still flat out. We’re going to take it in turns to keep watch from the bedroom windows.

10am I just woke up. The helicopters are out again, I think that’s what woke me. Rob brought me a coffee when he heard me moving around and we had a big cuddle. I’m so scared but I can’t let the girls see that. Am gonna get a shower.

10.15am The electric just went off.

1pm We just filled every container we could find with water. If the electric is gone the water can’t be far behind. The gas is also off. Paul is on the garage roof with a water butt trying to direct the rain water into it so we can access it from our bedroom window without leaving the house. We’ve got all the candles from my stock. I wish I’d stored more gas for my camping stove.I built a wood burning stove in the back garden a couple of years ago as an experiment, we can use that if needs be.

4pm The army came knocking about half an hour ago. They want us to leave before nightfall. We refused. They told us once it goes dark we’re on our own. If we change our minds we have to get to the school before dusk. That is about 2 hours time.

7pm We stayed. It’s getting pretty dark now. I’m concerned about why they wanted us out before dark.

10pm The helicopter is out again with the searchlights. It is scanning the fields opposite our estate. We heard gunshots not so long ago, not like the others we heard in the last few days though, this sounded like bursts. Paul agrees. This is army firing. We can hear shouting from the general direction of where the chopper is searching, it’s difficult to tell exactly where it is coming from.

11pm Paul was on watch duty upstairs, he ran down to get us. When we looked out of the upstairs bedroom window we could see soldiers in full armoured gear running down the street. How can this be happening in rural North Wales? A minute or so later we saw around 15 of the drunken people coming down the middle of the road in a group. They seemed to be looking for something, there was a light on across the road in Pam’s house. They must have some kind of battery or solar powered nightlight. She and John left at the same time as Mum and Dad. The drunks saw the light and headed to the house. They started banging on the door and windows, determined to get in. Pretty quickly the front window broke. they started climbing through the window. Pam’s dog Ruddles was barking at them furiously. One of the first into the house grabbed Ruddles by the scruff of the neck and seemed to bite him. The others tried to grab hold of the dog too. Within 30 seconds they’d pulled the poor dog to pieces and were eating him in front of our eyes. I thought I’d be sick. The noise must have alerted the soldiers because they came back up the street and began to fire on the shufflers. They seemed to only go for headshots. As soon as the first shots were fired they turned around to face the soldiers. Their faces were smothered in poor Ruddles’ blood. They started to move towards the soldiers. They were picked off one by one with no real danger of them reaching the troops. 4 soldiers against 15 shambling men. It was horrifying to watch. As soon as the last one was dropped, one of the soldiers got on his radio while the rest stood back with their rifles still in their shoulders ready to shoot anyone who moved. Within minutes an army 4 tonner came up the road and more troops jumped out. They dragged the bodies onto tarps and bundled them up before throwing them into the back of the truck and driving away. Minutes later an army landrover pulled up and 4 men in white spacesuits got out, they poured powder over the patches of blood left on the pavement and driveway then they seemed to sprinkle some liquid around the front room of the house. Before we realised what was happening they climbed back through the broken window and walked away, then one threw a match into the broken room and it immediately ignited furiously.

6th Feb 2015

3am Pam’s house is still burning. The soldiers radioed for a fire engine about half an hour ago and now they’re putting it out. I can’t believe the house next door didn’t catch fire too. We could feel the heat from across the road and I’m sure our window barricades are singed. I can’t stay awake much longer. I feel so drained. The noise of the shooting outside woke both girls, they were both terrified. When I finally got them back to sleep I went and sat in the back garden and cried until I had no tears left.


3 Responses to “Diary: 2015 February PART 2.”

  1. The poor dog…. I want to kill them bastards myself…

    Keep up the realism, I really am getting into it

  2. Wow! this is very addictive – Great stuff 🙂

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