Diary: 2015 January

1st Jan 2015

Happy new year!

We had a lovely night last night, Ashley came round with Paul and we did karaoke and laughed until I nearly peed. I had work this morning and I was surprised how busy it was. Carys is grouchy this evening after being up so late last night and Seren is still trying to unwrap the rest of her presents. I have a feeling that this year is going to be a good one. :)

5th Jan 2015

Carys went back to school today, she looked so smart! This time next month her uniform will look as though it’s been dragged through a hedge. The weather is shocking, so much snow this year and yet people don’t leave home prepared for it! Had to help dig 4 cars out of the carpark in work today. Got a course next week on upselling. Joy. If this weather carries on there’s no way I’m driving to Oxford. Made a big casserole for tea. All the people who laugh at me for stockpiling food can eat their words, they can’t get to the shops – I don’t need to struggle. Who’s laughing now?

10th Jan 2015

OMG!! What a mad day in work! A coach broke down on the motorway and we had 50 cold wet pensioners descend on us. They took all the tissue from the toilets, bought nothing and left dirty great footprints all over my clean floor! Good job the replacement coach was quick coming. Not looking forward to the course on Wednesday but I got an email at work today saying if the weather doesn’t improve it’ll be cancelled so maybe I won’t have to go after all. 2 nights in a Travelodge is not my idea of fun. I wanted to take the girls out to do something this weekend but I have to work again tomorrow as Claire has phoned in sick. Flu. It’d better not be spreading.

14th Jan 2015

Well so much for being cancelled! The weather has NOT improved and I’m sitting in a murky Travelodge in Oxford. Bad bad times. It took me 7 hours to drive here. I’d normally do it in around 3. Nevermind, hopefully I’ll learn something tomorrow. I quite like courses but god I miss the girls and Rob. Saw something on the news earlier about a protest at a factory not far from here. They must be pretty dedicated to be out protesting in this snow! I guess I should go to bed and get some shuteye.

15th Jan 2015

What a complete waste of time! I got to the lecture room this morning to find a note on the door saying the course is cancelled due to bad weather! The course leader is local! I’ve driven across the bloody country to get here! Ooh makes me mad. At least I can go home early. I really missed Rob and the girls last night. Am just having a quick coffee before setting off.

15th Jan cont’d

I’m in the services at Keele. This has been a really surreal drive. As I left the Travelodge this morning I saw loads of police cars and fire engines going down the motorway towards Oxford. I thought maybe it was to do with the protest that was on the news last night so I put the local radio station on in the car and there were news bulletins every 15 minutes telling people to stay indoors. Apparently the protesters are threatening to bomb the factory! As I drove further away I kept seeing police and ambulances heading in the other direction, by the time I reached Birmingham I was seeing army trucks aswell. I wonder if it’s connected? Maybe I’m just being paranoid. I stopped here in Keele to check online if there’s any news as I’ve lost the Oxford radio station now and the Birmingham ones aren’t mentioning it. So far there is nothing except a small entry on BBC local. I’ll have a better look when I get home. I would normally take just over an hour to get home from here so if the weather holds out I might make it in 2 hours.

16th Jan 2015

I arrived home at 1am this morning. It took me 7 hours to get from Keele to North Wales! Just after the Stoke exit a serious snowstorm came down, as bad the one when I took Rob to Walton hospital years ago. It took us 7 hours to do a 45min drive then but that was because of lorries getting stuck at junctions. I managed to keep rolling but I was barely getting out of 2nd gear much of the time. Thank goodness I bought a Landrover! It’s the best buy I ever made. There’s still nothing on the news about the protest in Oxford, I’m beginning to think I dreamed it! anyway I have an extra day off today as I’m meant to be on that stupid course and I’m still getting paid! yay!

20th Jan 2015

One week until my birthday!! I have no idea if we’re doing anything this year, I haven’t asked for anything either which is unusual for me. Rob has got me something and is trying desperately to hint at what it is. Carys and Seren are drawing me birthday cards already! There was something on the news earlier today about another protest but this time at a lab in Scotland, animal rights people I think. I wonder if it’s anything to do with the one in Oxford that was kept quiet? I’ve been googling like mad to try to find out what happened. How can a bomb scare not make national news?? I smell a rat…

27th Jan 2015

Happy birthday to me!

Rob got me some beautiful perfume and a crowbar. Oh he knows me so well! I think over the years he’s come to accept my paranoia about an apocalypse. He doesn’t even complain when I ask for random weapons anymore. The girls gave me some home-made cards and a box of chocolates. Mum and Dad got me a lovely warm fleece jacket. We’re going out for tea tonight, Mum is having the girls for us.

29th Jan 2015

So… in work today I noticed LOADS of police cars heading down the motorway eastbound towards Cheshire. I phoned home to get Rob to put the news on and we got the radio out to listen for news. We only had a few customers this morning and they were all asking if we knew why there were so many police about. Nothing has been on the local radio and nothing on the national news either.

29th Jan cont’d

It’s 11pm and FINALLY something is on the news about the police. Apparently there is ANOTHER protest at a factory near Chester, it’s not saying where yet but it looks like the business park somewhere. The reporter is saying it is animal rights protesters but I’ve not heard of any animal testing locally. It’s all over facebook too. Am tempted to go for a little drive and see what’s going on but I’m on earlies tomorrow so I should get to bed. Going to sleep with the news on the tv.

30th Jan 2015

Work was very quiet today. A couple of customers came in asking about what’s happening around Chester. Apparently the motorway is closed and diverted on local roads. Rob rang me to tell me the same thing. He’s watching the traffic cams online. All of them show the road is blocked off but the one by the business park is blacked out. Very strange. Am going to try to get into Chester in a minute, we’re using the excuse of going to the farm store for chicken feed.

30th Jan cont’d

Well we failed. We got to the turn off for Sealand Road and were turned back by a police road block. They wouldn’t tell us anything, just to turn around and that the city centre and all routes in/out are closed. I’ve tried to message people in Chester on facebook but am getting no replies yet. Curious.

31st Jan 2015

Off work today. I was going to take the girls to WhizzKids but they both seem to be coming down with a cold. Poor babies. I got a message from Joel in Manchester. Some of his uni friends are still in Chester and he’s been getting messages from them. The city is totally locked down. No trains are stopping at the station, they’re just speeding through. All the buses are cancelled. All roads are blocked and there seem to be soldiers from Saighton camp out manning the road blocks too. NOTHING on the news other than the protest. No mention whatsoever about the city being locked down.  I am getting very, very worried now. It’s just not feeling right. Something is definately being concealed and it’s too close to home not to worry. Am forcing myself not to start packing. I’ve been planning for something like this for years and now it could well be happening and I’m too scared to do anything. Rob is worried too which worries me even more. Usually he just humours me. Mum and Dad think I’m over-reacting but how can I be??? The whole city is locked down! How is that not a situation to worry about?


5 Responses to “Diary: 2015 January”

  1. You going to make me have to comment all over again?

  2. interesting my dear .

  3. I love the name Seren, I always wanted another daughter, so i could use that name…… never mind, there’s still hope yet hehehe 🙂

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