Diary: 2015 February PART 5.

10th Feb 2015

5am I was too tired to write last night. After my last entry we were taken by SSgt. Davies to the mess hall for some food. It was curry and rice or shepherds pie and surprisingly good. After tea we went back to our billet and there were 3  letters taped on our door, one for us, one for Ash and one for Paul. Ours said that Mum and Dad are indeed on the camp but are in the medical facilities and not able to take visitors yet. No visitors are allowed for anyone in the med block. They have been told we’re here. Rob has been assigned to work group Beta 5 and must report to a Corporal Cookson outside the main mess hall at 7am tomorrow morning. The girls are to be at the school building at 7am. Carys is in class 6R and Seren is in reception class 3. I have to report to the stores at 7.15am and see Company Sergeant Major Evans. I am being assigned a staff job but it doesn’t say what yet. Apparently they’ve pulled up my files from when I was an instructor with the army cadets and TA. I held the rank of Sergeant then and I wonder if I’ll get my stripes back. I’m pretty happy about this as it might just mean I can get some inside info and find out what’s happening.

Ash is in workgroup Charlie 4 and is also reporting for work at 7am. Paul is also being drafted back onto staff. He’s to be at the stores at 7am but is reporting to someone else. Maybe that’s because he was a regular.

Everyone is asleep so I’ve come out for a smoke and a write. I’m excited to see what the day holds but very worried about leaving the girls. Am also concerned about not being allowed to visit Mum and Dad. I’m not surprised they’re in the med block, their health has been bad for years, I’m actually quite relieved they’re being looked after. It does seem convenient that they’re here too though. I know they said that people from our area were here but I didn’t recognise anyone in the mess hall last night. It doesn’t quite sit right but I can’t make any judgements until I have some more info.

9pm I’ve been given back my Sgt stripes! I’m now a Reserve Sgt and badged to the QARANC – Queen Alexandra’s Royal Army Nursing Corps – because of my field medic training in TA. I’ve been put in the camp triage office, assessing injuries to the work crews. So far today I’ve seen twisted ankles and blisters. Joy. Rob’s crew was digging ditches. He’s come back black with mud, from his descriptions and my sketchy memories of the training area he’s been digging somewhere around the lagoon where we did our watermanship training years ago. Ashley was shovelling gravel into potholes on the training area roads. Paul has had to move into billets with the other regulars, he’s been fully drafted back as a regular. I think he might have volunteered but I’m not saying that to Ash as he’s distraught. The girls loved their day in the school and were both fast asleep by 7pm. There was talk of Ashley being moved into the male billets but we think he’s going to be allowed to stay with us as a family unit. As he’s not a blood relative we’ve had to ask for special permission. Everyone seems pretty content. I’m slightly concerned about my orders though. The first sign of aggression in any triage patients and I have to press a panic button and my triage room has armed guards, I’ve noticed there are armed guards around all the medical facilities. I suppose if someone was infected and managed to slip through it would be a disaster so I guess it makes sense. Well I’ve finished my smoke so I guess I’d better get myself to bed.

11th Feb 2015

9pm I had a busy day today. Lots of twists and sprains, lots of blisters and a man who’d nearly severed his toes with a shovel. My tummy is not made for this anymore. I’m so glad I just have to look at the bad injuries and then pass them on to someone who knows better. Rob is knackered again after a second day of digging. Ash came back, got showered and went to the Naafi to try and see Paul. I saw him marching with his platoon this morning but I haven’t seen him since. SSgt. Davies popped in to see me earlier. Ash is being moved into the mens billet, our application was denied. I asked him if they’d managed to trace Rob’s family yet, he said they’re still trying but that the people in their area were moved to a different base and it’s proving difficult to get their records.

I’ve been having a little play with the computer system today. As each person comes into triage they give me their name and work group and I enter the details into the computer and pull up their records then enter the details of the injury and treatment given or referral made. I tried putting my details in but it just brought up basic info. I tried Rob and Ash and got the same basic info I get for patients. When I put Paul’s details in it came up as “Not Authorised”. I wasn’t too surprised as he’s a regular again now. Strangely though I had the same “Not Authorised” message when I put Mum and Dads details in. I wonder if it’s because they’re in the med block? The guy who dug up his foot has gone to the med block so I’m gonna try and put his details in again tomorrow and see if I can access him.

Ash will be back soon. I’d better help him pack.

12th Feb 2015

4am I can’t sleep. I’m sure I heard firing about 3.30am It sounded like bursts but by the time I was fully awake to listen it’d stopped. Am outside in my little courtyard now, I can hear snoring from every direction. I think I might have a little snoop about. If anyone asks I’ll say I had cramp or something.

4.45am There’s definitely something going on. I walked around the billet towards the gate and the hospital. There were 5 or 6 4 tonners lined up outside the hospital and they were unloading stretchers with people/bodies on. Is that because of the firing I heard or is it more people being brought in? Thinking about it… I haven’t seen any new arrivals since we got here. I’ll have to ask about that later, subtly of course. One of the nurses, Sarah is getting quite friendly. I think maybe I can get some information from her, she doesn’t seem too bright.

2.20pm I got sent back to my billet. All the clinic staff have been stood down for the day, something to do with a training exercise? Not convinced. I have some time until the girls finish school so I’m back in my little courtyard having a smoke and a think. It’s been quiet this morning so I was able to chat to Sarah while there was nothing happening. I was saying to her I was surprised they didn’t put me on catering duties because of my being a trained chef. She told me that they have plenty of cooks and chefs but medical staff were like gold-dust. I asked her why and she said that when the infection started all the people got taken to hospital and the medical staff all got infected too. Anybody brought onto camp with any medical training at all is put to use. It makes me feel a bit better learning this. When people took the piss out of me for believing zombies could one day become a reality, when I said to avoid hospitals because they’d have large numbers of infected I got laughed at. Now I have proof I was right, well, me and all the other people out there who think the same as me. God I miss my laptop. The friends I’ve made online would love to know what’s going on and would be able to offer so much advice. I wonder if it’s just the UK affected. I’d be surprised if it was contained quickly enough. I had my suspicions there was something going on for a while before it got to the news, all the people who were travelling around would have spread it surely? Saying that, I have no idea how long it takes to show you’re infected. If it takes days to show up then it’s possible that it could be all over the world by now. If it’s hours then who knows, it could be just the UK. I think I’ll try and find out. Oh I nearly forgot, I entered the details of the man who chopped his toes into the computer this morning and got his full medical file. I still can’t access Mum and Dads.

7pm Rob is putting the girls to bed, they’re really happy here. Carys asked about her nana and grandad today, I didn’t know what to tell her. I just said that they’re in hospital and I don’t know when we’ll be able to visit them. Seren said some soldiers came into her class today and took her teacher away but another teacher came. I don’t know what to think about that, I couldn’t get any details out of her, being 4 years old, every bit of information is a fight. Ashley took his stuff over to the mens billet  when he finished work duty. He’s pretty cut up about not seeing Paul. The civilian and soldiers Naafi’s are separate. He hasn’t seen him since he was drafted. I’m going to get an early night, I’m so tired. Everyone in the mess looked tired tonight.

13th Feb 2015

6am Friday at last! Apparently we get our weekend rations this afternoon so I get a fresh supply of tobacco! Rob is using his tokens to get some whiskey. The girls get ration tokens too so I’m going to see about getting them some sweets or toys. I really don’t know what’s available. I know there’s smokes and alcohol because I heard people talking about it. Rob told me in bed last night that some of his work crew were missing yesterday. Cpl Cookson who is in charge of his crew said they’d been moved to another job. I didn’t see Ash last night after he left, I didn’t even see him in the mess hall. I’m not aware of there being a staggered dining time, I wonder where he was? I wouldn’t be surprised if he was just too upset to eat. I hope he’s ok.

7.30pm I dropped the girls off at the school building then went over to our clinic. It’s still closed. Someone could have told me! I went around to the stores which is right next door and CSM Evans said they’re still training in there and I should report to the guardhouse. He came for a smoke with me before I went and I asked him if the infection had spread out of the UK. He asked me why I wanted to know and I said it was just curiosity, that I had friends and family abroad and was concerned for their safety. He said that as far as he’s aware it had not spread. I hope this is true. I didn’t get the impression he was lying. I asked if there was any chance of back-up from other countries military etc and he said that kind of thing is classified information and even if he knew he couldn’t and wouldn’t tell me. I said that was fair enough. I also said that there didn’t seem to be very many people on camp considering the amount of  evacuees there must have been. He didn’t answer that point straight away but took a puff on his little cigar, he said “there are camp sites on the training area with more people, there are lots more army camps, maybe there’s not so many people left as you think.”

I went to the guardhouse next. The Military Police officers stood from their chairs when they saw me approaching. They were both Lance Corporals and even with my reserve badge I still outranked them. I said I was with QARANC and I needed to know why my medical clinic was closed. They were both quite flustered and started fishing through papers on their desk. I thought I’d push my luck a little and got a bit more firm with them. I said “My OC is waiting for an answer, if you two don’t find out who is in my clinic I will have you both doing laps of the parade square” Just as I said it I heard a helicopter approaching. It was a big twin rotor Chinook. One of the MPs pointed at it and said “that’s the next medi-drop” so I told them to forget it and started off towards the helipad on the other parade square. I hoped that my medics arm bands would get me in close enough to find out what was happening.


2 Responses to “Diary: 2015 February PART 5.”

  1. Lol, I really like your style of writing and your attitude in the story.

  2. Sorry i missed this comment! thanks 🙂

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