Diary: 2015 February PART 9.

16th Feb 2015

7am The girls are eating breakfast – tinned mandarins in syrup. Me Rob and Ash are building up our nerves with an energy drink each and a tin of corned beef between us. The infected man who ate my chickens last night is still in the garden. He obviously never found his way back out of the run and is now huddled up in a ball under the coop – trying to stay out of the light by the look of him. We are going to have to do something about him. Ash and Rob want to kill him – put him out of his misery and end the potential threat to us. I want to have a good look at him before we decide. We went into the garage and got everything that could be used as a weapon. I think the plan is the three of us get as close as we can without disturbing him too much – keep him calm. We try to talk to him, have a good look at him, try and get as much information as possible. If he attacks us we’ll use whatever force we need to. Carys and Seren will stay indoors, upstairs with the windows and curtains closed. I’ve asked Carys to stop Seren from watching and asked her not too look either. She understands that he’s a bad man and we might have to hurt him to keep us safe and I don’t want her and her sister to see that. I want to see if he’ll eat normal food. If he does this makes defending ourselves a bit easier.

9am So after our first encounter with an infected we have learned:

1. They definitely don’t like the light

2. They do like corned beef

3. They don’t talk

4. They don’t understand fences

5. They really are aggressive

We went out to the garden together. armed with our weapon of choice, the other weapons we left down on the patio. I had my hockey stick which has a hunting knife attached to the end. Rob took the air rifle even though his aim is rubbish, I figured at such short-range even he wouldn’t miss, Ash had his crowbar. As we approached the run the man appeared to be dead, we couldn’t see him moving at all, not even breathing. He’d crammed himself into the chicken coop which is full of crap as it’s not been cleaned out in a while now. He was sitting inside, he’d ripped out the perches and had his knees drawn up to his chest with his arms wrapped around his legs and his head resting on his knees. As the coop was made from an old dog kennel, the door is much bigger than you usually find. We could see him pretty well. We walked right up to the run and stopped to look at him. He never moved. Ash whispered “do you think he’s dead?” and I said “I doubt it, what would have killed him?” “maybe he choked on a chicken bone” Ash replied. We had a little chuckle at that. Rob with his usual grace and delicacy, turned to look back at the house and whacked the wire of the run with the muzzle of the rifle. The man slowly raised his head and looked at us.

He was probably in his 30s, lean but not thin, shaggy brown hair and a day or two of stubble growth. Just as I started to wonder how he’d managed to shave himself so recently I saw his eyes. They looked red and bloodshot, but glazed white at the same time, almost like cataracts. His face was smeared with dried chicken blood and the odd feather, There was blood all over his clothes and hands and also the coop. There was no sign of the chickens, even the bones were gone. He sat there in the coop, looking at us. We stood outside of the run looking back at him. After a minute of so he lowered his head back onto his knees. We looked at each other, not sure what to do next. Rob whispered “say something to him” so I said “Hello”. His head slowly raised again to look at us, this time he raised his lip aswell in a snarl. The three of us took a step back. He slowly took his arms from around his legs and straightened his legs out so they were sticking out from the door of the coop. Slowly he began to shuffle himself out into the run, he was caked in chicken shit and blood. He stood up straight and we heard his joints popping. Again I said “hello” and again he snarled at us and this time made a little growling noise. Ash said “I don’t think he wants to be our friend”. At this he launched himself at the wire wall of the coop. We all jumped backwards and held our weapons out, ready to attack. He was thrashing at the wire and the entire frame of the run was shaking with every hit. I said “The run won’t hold out much longer”. Just then the first upright came loose from the bottom of the frame and the run tipped over at a drunken angle. It seemed to make him even more mad and he began to thrash about even more, catching his clothing and fingers in the chicken wire. I told Ash to hit the other upright on the broken side with his crowbar. It took a few good hits to get the nails that were holding it loose from the wooden boards at the foot of the run. When it did come free the man was knocked from his feet by his own wild movements and continued to fight the wire on the floor of the run. I went around the other side and started hitting the last two uprights. The more he struggled the more tangled he became. Once all of the run was broken down we stood back again and watched him struggle. After a few minutes he began to slow down. Rob said “he must be getting tired now” and we agreed, it was unbelievable that anyone could fight so hard for so long. He stopped struggling and lay still, completely tied up in the chicken wire. His eyes were tightly shut and his fingers and arms were torn to shreds by his struggles.

As we stood and looked at him it hit me – he should be bleeding – lots. He should be out of breath – but I can’t see him breathing at all. I said this to Rob and Ash and they both looked at me. “I’m gonna poke him” Ash declared before giving him a sharp jab with the end of his crowbar. The man never flinched, but opened his eyes again and looked at us. He was squinting at the sunlight, then he closed his eyes again and gave a low groan. I asked “why is he not bleeding?” Rob said “cut him and see if he bleeds”. I felt awful doing it but I carefully poked my hunting knife through the wire as best I could without getting too close. It was hard to get the point through the tangled wire so I stood back and looked at him. I saw a gap in the wire down by his ankle where i could get my knife in and made a quick slash in his skin. No blood. No reaction. I said “get some food” and Rob trotted back down the garden and into the kitchen and returned with the last of the corned beef. I jabbed a small chunk of it onto the end of my knife and waved it in front of his face. Immediately he opened his eyes and looked at the food on the knife, he started trying to raise his head to get at the meat. I carefully tried to knock the meat off the end of my knife and into his open mouth. he was snapping at it like a rabid dog and growling like one too. Eventually the corned beef fell onto the wire by his mouth and he slurped and sucked as much of it as he could through the wire, slicing his tongue as he did it.

We stood watching him, he had become an animal. This infection was evil, it had taken the humanity out of him. It had reduced someone who had once had a life, a home, job, probably a family, to something only concerned with eating. Ash said “we can’t leave him like this. I think we should put him out of his misery”. I looked at Ashley, tears welling up in his eyes, Rob was standing there looking with pity at what had once been a man. I said “I think he’s dead already, he’s not breathing, he’s not bleeding so his heart can’t be beating. he’s dead. I don’t know how or why he’s still moving around but he is dead.” I took the rifle from Rob and handed him my hockey stick and fired a shot into each of the mans eyes.

Rob and Ashley looked at me like I was crazy. I knew what they were thinking. I said “the rifle isn’t powerful enough to be sure of penetrating his skull. I wanted to make sure I did it right. The only thing now is how do we tell if it’s dead properly?” “Offer it more corned beef?” Ash suggested and Rob turned back down the garden towards the kitchen to find more food. “I’ve got Spam!” He shouted from the kitchen and came back out opening the tin. He waved it around in front of it’s face and got no reaction.

I’m sitting outside on the patio now with my smokes. Ash is here with me, Rob is inside playing with the girls. We haven’t decided what to do with the body.

We have definitely decided that we’re not dealing with infected – we’re dealing with zombies.


7 Responses to “Diary: 2015 February PART 9.”

  1. This is really getting good! And congrats on Featured Blog!!! So exciting!

  2. A pretty detailed diary. I like how this is going. How long do you plan to keep it going?

  3. I think about it all the time. I write every few days when I get chance and when I’ve got the next part pretty clear in my head. Sometimes I’ll post 2 parts on the same day because I need to let the story out. Right now I have part 10 ready to write, I’ll be posting it tomorrow, maybe part 11 too.

  4. gwyplainelaughs Says:

    Nice! Thanks for liking my post on wordpress; you’ve got some pretty killer material here yourself πŸ˜‰

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