Diary: 2015 February PART 8.

14th Feb 2015

6am Am having a smoke (as usual) Rob and the girls are dressed and packed. Ash is in our room, also packed. We’re all going to Col. Wood together. I’ve had 2.5 hours sleep but I feel ready.

10am I’m in the back of an army 4 tonner en route to our escape point. The meeting with Col. Wood went well. Here’s the deal:

1.He won’t allow us to stay on camp for fear that the information about the research on infected being carried out will spread and cause panic.

2.There is a mission in place to locate the people behind the original attacks. He won’t/can’t give us much info except to say that there is a terrorist group who had knowledge of the secret research being carried out into biological weapons, they purposely bombed the factories and research labs. He told us that the infection is a result of multiple viruses/bacteria and is not a weapon that was being researched or manufactured. He said it was an unfortunate accident that it came to be. (I don’t believe this)

3.He told us that in order to locate the terrorist groups the army are recruiting civilians to do reconnaissance missions. Trained soldiers are obvious to someone who knows what they are looking for. We are to become part of this mission.

4. Our role is to go about our business, do what we would do if we’d had no contact with the army. If we come across any groups of people we must treat them with utmost suspicion, find out who they are, what they’re doing and report back. We have been issued a small radio transmitter which we must use only if we come into contact with a group we believe to be terrorists.

5. We have no backup. If an army patrol comes across us they will assume we have refused help or have escaped. There is intelligence that the terrorist groups are disguising themselves as army platoons and gathering up non-infected. if this happens to us we must set off the transmitter and wait. We have a call sign – Charlie Romeo ninety-six – we must only use this in the event of the real army coming to take out the terrorists, so we don’t get shot along with them I assume.

In return for this we are able to leave freely and live our lives. They will not come looking for us. They have not given us any equipment for fear of us being picked up by a terrorist group and obviously being from the camp. They will not under any circumstances come to our rescue unless we are providing them with the location of a terrorist base. Col. Wood warned us that there are bands of resistance patrolling the countryside, people who blame the army and government for this situation but not part of the terrorist movement. These people are attacking army patrols and should also be avoided at all costs.

We are being transported as part of a recce mission by the soldiers, we’re travelling towards 2 drop off points, one in York, one in Leeds. We’re being dropped off on the A64 at a services. We’re on our own from there. I need to stop writing now because it’s making me travel sick trying to write while we’re being driven.

1.45pm We’re at the A64 services. I’m glad they dropped us here, there is a little chef and a petrol station. We found 14 cars parked around the car park and also further down the road at a big roadside cafe. Next door to the cafe is a bargain clothing store and a shed retailer. We found a little Ford Fiesta with the keys in the ignition and the driver’s door open behind the petrol station, I guess the owner left in a hurry. We drove to the clothing store car park and found ourselves a perfect Ford Transit van at the shed place. It was also unlocked and the keys were on a hook inside the shed sellers office – which was also unlocked. It was all very convenient really. It does look like the people here upped and left on foot because everywhere is unlocked. We saw some bloodstains on the car park but they’re old and dried almost black now. I drove the Transit van back to the petrol station and Rob and Ashley are just filling her up with petrol siphoned from the other cars around here. There were pipe and petrol cans and funnels all stocked ready inside the shop of the petrol station. We couldn’t figure out how to get the petrol out from the underground storage for the pumps. I raided the shop with the girls. We got all the chocolate, cigarettes and bottled drinks, also 2 big road atlases. We got some canned food aswell but we have no tin opener. I grabbed some of the anti-freeze and screen wash, ice scrapers, gloves and as a last-minute thought – air fresheners. I let the girls pick up some magazines and toys too. The last newspapers were still on the stands, we picked up one of each – at best they might have some information of use, at worst they’re fuel for starting a fire. I think they men have finished so I guess we’re on our way. I haven’t driven this route for maybe 5 years since we last came camping up this way – I got a little bit lost around Leeds last time. Getting lost is not an option today. Hopefully we’ll be home by dusk at the latest. We’ve not really found anything useful as a weapon and I don’t want to stop if I can help it. There is a standard tool kit in the back for changing the spare wheel with some wicked looking stuff so I hope if we do need it that stuff will do. Time to roll.

4pm We’ve had to make a toilet stop. We’re at a services just outside Manchester. We’ve had no trouble at all so far. There was a bit of snow earlier as we were crossing the Pennines which we expected. It was quite deep in some places as it hasn’t been ploughed but it wasn’t too bad. I got some good speed on the clear stretches and made up for the slower snowy parts. In normal circumstances I’d have us home in about 90mins from here. I’m thinking 2 hours because the roads are getting slippery. It must be close to freezing now, so cold. The sky is full of snow but it’s not falling right now. When it starts it’s gonna be bad. I’m starting to think about where we could stop if the weather stops us getting home. I don’t want to be out in the dark. Am going to try and speed up some if possible. It’ll be dark soon after 6pm.

10pm We got home just after 6pm, I made really good time as the roads were clearer than I expected once we got onto the M56 towards North Wales. No snow at all. The sky is still looking full to burst so I’m expecting a good few inches tonight. When we got home our window barricades were still in place and the house was secure. We straight away checked all the rooms of the house and then locked ourselves in. We ate cold baked beans straight from the can and washed it down with bottles of cola from the services. The girls are tucked up in their beds. We forgot about running out of water before we left but luckily the rain butt is full, I’m surprised it hasn’t gone through the garage roof! We’ve pulled up the carpets and got the stores back out from under the floorboards. Nothing looks much different to when we left.

15th Feb 2015

9am Last night was uneventful. We all slept well. we had a nice breakfast of cold tinned spaghetti. I went to check the garden earlier. The chickens are still alive! They’ve been eating their eggs by the looks of it. They must have been drinking rain water or melted snow. Speaking of snow, there is a good foot of it on the ground this morning. There are a few lines of footprints up the middle of the road this morning so there was obviously some activity last night but nothing that affected us. There can’t have been more than 3 or 4 people wandering around last night, it could even have been just one person walking up and down a couple of times. The snow has stopped right now and the girls want to go and make a snowman but I’m not letting them. No point advertising ourselves. Now we need a plan. We have 5 jerry cans of petrol in the Transit van and the Landrovers tank is full. I want to go to our intended base in the area around Llyn Aled. Before that though we need supplies – mainly gas. It was so cold last night and not being able to have a hot drink or food will be a problem. The snow will provide plenty of drinking water but it still needs boiling, I want to conserve my puri-tabs. We have plenty of bottled drinks but we can’t live on cola. I don’t really want to be driving far in this snow, especially up into the hills. Apart from the safety side of things we’ll be leaving a clear trail. We’re going to stay here tonight at least. I was toying with the idea of lighting up the clay oven in the garden but I don’t want to attract any attention so we’re staying on cold food for today. Ashley is in good spirits this morning. He was quiet yesterday. He’s colouring with the girls now.

4pm It’s been a lovely relaxed day. The girls have played all day with only minimal arguing. They are still having trouble getting used to not having electricity. I managed to make us all a hot drink earlier. I lit a small fire on the patio using the barbecue and boiled a big pan of snow. Coffee never tasted so good – even with powdered milk. I boiled enough snow to fill one 5 gal container before the fire went out. I dropped a puri-tab in aswell just in case. The last thing we need is a tummy bug. We’ve been talking about where we’re going to go. We know the general area we want to go to but finding a specific location was always an issue. We’re going to try and acquire ourselves a farmhouse. Hopefully one with a coal fire. Thick walls, small windows. I hope the occupants are gone or I doubt we’ll be getting a warm welcome. We’re going to go tomorrow unless the weather gets bad. It’s thawed a bit today. I’m going to drive the landrover and Ashley is going to follow in the Transit van. It’s so cold without heating so we plan to take as much clothing as possible and every duvet and blanket in the house. We can spread the supplies between the 2 vehicles and if either of us get into trouble we can help out. I’ll have my rifle in the landy with me, Ash has a crowbar. We’re going to try and get plenty of sleep tonight ready for the work ahead of us tomorrow.

11pm There is an infected in the back garden and 2 at the front door. They keep trying the handle but it’s locked. The one in the back is trying to get to the chickens. I hope they give up soon.

11.40pm The man in the back garden has eaten my chickens. He managed to worry the wire away from the frame of the run and climbed inside then tore the birds apart one by one like an animal and ate them sitting on the floor of the run. He’s still sitting in there now. The 2 around the front heard the noise he was making and tried to go around the back but they can’t get through the gate. They are standing at the gate now, rattling it and moaning like whales. We’re all staying together upstairs in the little bedroom, we don’t want them seeing us, I have a pretty good idea of what might happen if they see fresh meat inside the house.

11.50pm The 2 at the gate have wandered off now down the road. The one in the back garden is now trying to get out of the chicken run, I guess he forgot how he got in. It proves they’re pretty stupid. We’re going to try and sleep, all 5 of us on one double bed! At least we’ll have a chance of keeping warm.


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  1. Naww poor chickens… He shoulda choked on a bone….

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