Diary: 2015 February PART 7.

14th Feb 2015

3am After we packed last night I sent Rob to find Ashley, to tell him what’s happening. I thought long and hard about telling him because it could put in the same danger we’re in. Rob found him in the Naafi and pulled him to one side and told him there was a chance we could be leaving but he couldn’t tell him why. Ashley knows us well enough not to question it. He said if we go he’s coming. He hasn’t seen Paul still. He’s had no word about his family either. Apparently he thinks there’s little reason to stay. I wish I could have spoken to him. I told the girls that I’m going to try to get them somewhere closer to home but it’s a secret. I said it might be dangerous and scary and that we might have to walk for a long time and not have much to eat. Seren wasn’t impressed but said as long as she can bring her teddy it’s ok. Carys I think has inherited my wanderlust and was fine with it.

So I can’t sleep now. I have no idea if Col. Wood will let us leave, if he does will he impose any conditions, are we going to be able to get home, should we go home at all? So many questions so yet again I’m sitting outside in my courtyard having a smoke and writing as I think.

Let’s assume he lets us leave.

I want to get home. I have my supplies there. I have no map to hand but off the top of my head I have 2 choices. Try to cross the Yorkshire Dales and head towards Lancashire then down towards Liverpool and Manchester, OR, roughly follow the motorway, head for Leeds then east towards Manchester. Both routes have issues. If I go across the dales then we will quite probably die of exposure. There is a light dusting of snow coming down now, the Yorkshire Dales is some of the most exposed and desolate countryside in England. Even experienced walkers with full expedition kit would baulk at the idea of crossing them in February. No-one in their right mind would attempt it with no kit, no backup and kids in tow. If we follow the major roads we’re going to be pretty close to some major towns and cities. That is a big no-no. More population = more infected. The less infected we come across the better. BUT… they seem to have issues with daylight, the infection must damage their eyes in some way so if we travel in the day we could possibly make it. There would be more chance of finding food and water closer to populated areas.

Also now I think of it, with people being told to stay indoors and then an actual country-wide curfew, the roads may actually be pretty clear. I always thought that if this kind of thing ever happened that the roads would be gridlocked immediately with people trying to flee but on the journey up here we never had any issues with traffic or blocked roads.

The only other option is to try to aquire a vehicle and go the back roads through the Dales without actually having to travel on foot across country. I worry about finding supplies.

I think I’m talking myself into doing the complete opposite of what I always said I’d do. I think I’m going to try to find a car or van or something and drive down the motorway. If it’s fairly clear I can be at home in 4 hours, maybe a little more depending on the weather and if we meet any resistance. It’d be a very long walk…

So, I want a landrover or a 4×4, there’s got to be loads of them sitting on driveways around here. I’d prefer an older model as we may well have to hotwire it. A new model would be way too difficult for my limited skills. Failing that a minibus or large MPV will do. I’ll need supplies. I have to assume we’ll leave with nothing. I have my bug out bag so I have puri-tabs, a swiss army knife, basic first aid kit, a Silva Militaire compass, fire lighting kit, wind up torch, a small bar of soap, my little survival file with all my info on wild plants, getting water, basically everything I thought I’d need to know in this situation, some energy sweets – horrible little powdery things, chewing gum – appetite suppressant and fights bad breath! I had to take everything else out to fit clothes in. I have my hiking boots I came in, 2 changes of clothes and my issued uniform and boots. Rob has 2 changes of clothes and his hiking boots plus the work boots and overalls he was issued. The girls have 3 sets of clothes each, hiking boots and a pair of trainers each. Rob was issued a water bottle for his work duties and we were all given a mess tin each and cup when we first arrived at the mess hall. I’m concerned we will be too cold if we struggle to find a vehicle or if the roads aren’t passable. I made the girls put their warmest coats on when we left and me and Rob have our waxed jackets but will it be enough? Socks… we don’t have enough socks if we need to go cross country. Damp feet is bad times on a long walk. I could maybe steal some from the laundry block, I’d rather not but if needs must…

I need a tube, we may need to syphon fuel.


There is no way they’re going to arm us. If we are going it alone out there with goodness knows how many infected, aggressive (people?) then we need to defend ourselves. There is nothing on camp which we can take. We’re going to have to make our first priority finding something to keep us safe. Even if we find a suitable vehicle and drive straight home with no problems I’m going to have to have something to put my mind at ease. I wonder if there are any fire axes? I haven’t noticed any. I need something light enough to carry but heavy and strong enough to take someone down.

My mind is racing but I need to sleep soon. Col. Wood said we should come see him again this morning. He didn’t say when. I hope he’s going to let us leave quite early so we have a full day of light. I’m not looking forward to being out at night. If we can’t find a car then I’m going to need a pushchair of some sort for Seren, she’s still too small to walk far. A few miles is her limit and she’s getting too big to carry

Tobacco! I’ll need a good supply! I guess I’ll be knocking off a newsagents first haha.

I wonder… there must be other survivors out there. I should have moved us before it got too bad but at the time I was so unsure. I failed us. Other people must have had more conviction that me. Maybe looting a newsagents isn’t a bad idea at all. Tobacco and alcohol must be good to trade now, money isn’t going to mean a thing. Oh and chocolate! Must get chocolate. We might find something we can use as a weapon too. Yes a newsagent first, maybe a small shop.

Now I think about it, the soldiers who picked us up, Maj. Bavister and Sgt Maj. Leech told us that the infected shelter indoors during the day so any building that doesn’t obviously look broken into already should be safe. The infected we saw didn’t look that coordinated so any buildings with smashed windows or open doors are places to stay away from. where else would they shelter? Tunnels? Do we need to pass through any tunnels? I don’t think so. Could we startled them with bright torches? That’s a possibility, if they light hurts their eyes we could possibly drive them away using bright lights or fire. What are they eating? I know they eat dogs. The ones I saw coming out of the chinook were masked so it’s safe to assume they bite people too.

One more smoke then bed. How much tobacco do I have left? I have 3/4 of this 50g pouch and one more 50g in the billet. That will last me just over a week hopefully. I’ll be home by then. Once I’ve got us home I can have a proper think what to do. we’ll have a better idea what’s happening by then. I need a map. Maybe if we get a car there will be an atlas inside, who doesn’t keep a road atlas in their car?

Oh sheds! We’ll find weapons in every garden shed! Shovels, garden shears etc. A garden shed or 2, newsagent/small shop, car, home. That’s the plan. Now to bed. We can do this.


One Response to “Diary: 2015 February PART 7.”

  1. Nothing like a good old shed to save the day…. with a cigerette… and maybe coffee…

    Take the land rover!!

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