Diary: 2015 February PART 1.

1st Feb 2015

Finally the news is starting to report something. There was a bulletin on the tv just as I got home from work this afternoon saying that the protests in Oxford and Scotland are linked to the protest in Chester. Also there are protests at factories and labs all over the country. I’ve been watching it since I got home, there are 14 sites across the country which are reporting issues. All of them are being threatened with bombs. Apparently the protesters left Oxford and Scotland and then they came back in force today. What is going on? There is the usual speculation that it is a national movement of animal rights people trying to stop animal testing. I just don’t buy it though. It seems too organised.

2nd Feb 2015

Am writing this at work. When I opened up this morning at 6.15am the motorway was dead. I didn’t see a single car until after 8am going in either direction. I’m on with Ben this morning. We’re both feeling very uneasy. Rob has been ringing every hour to update us on the news. We can’t seem to get a signal on the radio. The weather is awful, real heavy rain but we normally still get a signal, even with the worst weather. This morning it’s just static. We have no mobile signals either. Rob says the news is reporting on the protests and people local to the locations are being asked to stay indoors because of the bomb threats. The prime minister has given a press conference and is bringing in the army to help contain the areas and keep the public safe. It doesn’t sound good. I want to go home. I want to bug out to somewhere safe. I’ve been planning for this kind of situation for many years now, I know what I need to do, I’m just not sure if it’s time.

I gave Ben a lift home and we didn’t pass a single car. I only saw one other car on my way home from his house. 10 miles on the most major road in North Wales and no traffic. The one car I saw was a farmer on the lane near home. I know it’s a rainy Monday but surely there are people around? I’ve got the news on in the background but it’s just going in circles. News reporters interviewing each other and so-called experts because there’s nothing new to report. Filling time.

It’s 4pm, Carys just got home from school. I went to pick her up because of the heavy rain. All the parents at the school are talking about these protests. I heard one mum saying her brother is in Chester and she hasn’t heard from him in days. She rang the police to report him missing but they weren’t interested. Another mum said she works in Chester on the business park and it’s been closed since last week because of this protest.

10.15pm News bulletin said that a bomb has gone off at the site in Scotland.

10.25pm Bomb in Birmingham

10.33pm Bombs in Sheffield, Warrington, Oxford. Prime minister just gave a press call in front of 10 Downing Street to say the whole country is on full alert and that we can’t rule out terrorists. People are to stay indoors unless instructed to leave by police or army. They are going to start evacuating people from near the other sites.

10.45pm I can hear sirens. Lots of sirens. Looked out of the bedroom window and can see blue flashing lights reflecting off houses and travelling down the roads on the hills. Sirens everywhere. Very scared. God I want to leave.

11pm I’m having a smoke outside. Still sirens. I’m trying to stay calm. the news hasn’t reported anything about any more bombs yet, just more going round in circles saying the same thing. The bombs that have gone off must have been massive. The reporters have been moved away now so it’s just showing looped film from earlier. I’m going to pack. Even if we stay I’ll feel better for doing something. I’m off work tomorrow thankfully so a late night will do no harm.

3rd Feb 2015

It’s 2am. I am packed. the landrover is full to the roof. Me and Rob struggled to open up the trailer in the rain and pitch black to pack up all the camping gear. The trailer is now on the Landy and we’re ready to go. The sirens have pretty much stopped now. Nothing new on the news since just after the bombs.

4am Mum just woke me and Rob, we’d fallen asleep on the sofas. The bomb in Chester has exploded. The sirens are back. They must be coming from the local police and ambulance stations in Mold because they’re damned close. I’ve told Mum we’re planning to leave later this morning. She thinks we’re crazy. She says her and Dad will not come with us.

5am Something is going on. The news is saying everyone must stay indoors. There has been nothing new in hours. The Prime minister is giving another press conference at 7am. I’m going to decide what to do after that. My instinct is to run now but I don’t want to leave Mum and Dad. I hope if there is a need to bug out they will come. Hopefully they’ll see sense after the press conference. I spoke to my friend John at Airbus in Broughton on facebook earlier. He said he could hear gunshots a little while ago and that police are on site with the army trying to evacuate the factories. 4000 workers. It’s 3 miles from the city centre. He’s scared. I’m scared.

6am I just went out for a smoke and I swear I heard gunshots. Maybe I’m imagining it after John telling me about hearing it earlier. There are sirens again, far away and also fairly close. Now it’s light I can see smoke in the distance. Chester is 10 miles away. it must have been a big explosion.

7.40am The Prime minister just finished his press conference. There have been 10 bombs overnight and this morning. The country is on full terrorism alert but he says the explosions have been claimed by an environmentalist and animal rights group protesting against animal testing. The exact locations of the bombs has not ben disclosed. We’re told to stay indoors. Not to leave our houses until further notice. There have been threats of more bombs, not just at labs and factories but in public areas too. All UK flights have been cancelled. Airspace is closed to all but military and rescue aircraft. All ferries to/from UK are cancelled. The eurotunnel is closed. Is it just me or does this seem overkill for some environmental terrorists? The more he said the less convinced I am.

9am The tv is wrong. No live shows are on, just news on loop and repeats, nothing live. On every channel. Sky tv is off completely. I still have no mobile signal, there is still just static on the radio. I am feeling very uneasy.

9.30am Facebook is “temporarily unavailable”.

10am Our internet is off. The router is working fine but none of the laptops are connecting. I just went next door and their net is off too. They have a different ISP to us. Landlines are working. Mum is on the phone with Aunty Jean. Her net is off too.

10.15am Ashley and Paul just arrived. Paul is ex army. He agrees this smells bad. He reckons there is definately something more going on for the army to have been involved so soon. With no net we can’t do any research. They agree that maybe I wasn’t so mad stocking up on food and supplies all these years. I bloody knew something like this would happen one day.

12pm The news is showing something new FINALLY. It’s not good. There are reports that the places that were bombed were doing research into diseases and biological weapons. How was that allowed so close to major towns and cities? The reporters look scared. they’re looking over their shoulders like they’re waiting for someone to stop them reporting.

12.10pm A reporter was just cut off mid sentence. They were at one of the bomb sites in Birmingham trying to get an update of what’s going on. He was just saying that there was testing going on for new biological weapons when there was a gun shot and the screen went black. The people in the studio look lost. Nobody seems to know what’s happening and it feels like someone is trying to keep it that way. The only channels with live presenters are the news channels. All live shows have been replaced with repeats or test cards. What the hell is happening out there?? We’ve decided to sit tight for a little longer and see what happens. We’re ready to run if needed. Ash and Paul went home earlier and packed some stuff which is now in the Landy with our kit. Mum and Dad still refuse to come if we decide to leave.

3pm After years of planning I’m starting to doubt myself. I have a bug out location but I don’t know if it will work. Do I take the chance and make a run for it only to hit a road block? Do I stay and wait it out? I just don’t know. Now the time may be here I really don’t know for sure what to do. I’m going to make sandwiches. Can’t think on an empty belly. I’m due in work in the morning. Am not sure if I’m gonna go or not. I guess I’d better ring in and see what to do.

3.30pm Just tried to ring work and the phone line is dead. Next door is dead too. Am thinking of ways to transport the chickens when we leave, we’ve pretty much decided we are going, it’s just a metter of when. the Landy is full. I have no clue how we’re all going to fit in as it is. Maybe I should leave the chickens for Mum and Dad.

7pm We’ve spent the last few hours poring over my road atlas and ordinance survey maps of the area. I have showed the men my original plan, I’ve showed them before but they were never taking me seriously. Paul gave some useful input. I originally planned to head for Llyn Aled. The location is good. Very secluded, fresh water, good farming land, good view of anyone coming but plenty of hidey holes. We’ve identified every possible route to avoid towns and larger villages. If we get caught on the road we’ll be stopped. That is not something I’m going to allow. We’ve looked for every possibly place we can shelter along each route in case we’re caught. It’s 30 miles. I don’t see how we’re going to make it.

8.15pm News bulletin. There are reports of contamination after the bombs. People are getting ill and riots are breaking out. Nobody seems to know the symptoms of this illness but an army guy just gave an interview and advised everyone to stay indoors until further notice. Anyone caught outside will be arrested. Maybe we’ve waited too long.

9pm A tannoy car is going around the streets telling people not to leave their houses. We are not to be alarmed if we see military vehivles, they are purely a precaution. Yeah right. How in gods name am I getting a fully loaded landrover, trailer, 4 adults and 2 kids out now? Mum and Dad are still refusing to come. They are worried now though.

10pm We were outside for a smoke and heard guns again.Closer now. We’re going to seriously discuss getting the hell out. Maybe Llyn Aled is a bit too ambitious. For tonight at least. Rob wants to try and get to his parents village to check they’re ok. We haven’t heard from them in over a week. It’s not unusual to go this long without them getting in touch but in these circumstances… I don’t see how we can get there. i think the best thing is to stick to lanes and back roads. I’ve suggested a campsite we used a few years ago. Literally just a field in the middle of nowhere but it’s run by a bushcraft guy. He’d be a good ally. We’re looking at the maps again when I finish writing this. This diary is the only thing keeping me sane right now. It’s really helping to write it all down.


4 Responses to “Diary: 2015 February PART 1.”

  1. You know, as much as I enjoy the story, I have to go for a smoke everytime you mention it…

  2. This shit is intense.

    It would be nice to have a monthly archive. Or at least an extension to the Recent Posts section.

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